Pancake cereal is a thing on TikTok, and it looks so good

Taylor Rock

What's better than a steaming hot pile of pancakes? Little baby pancakes slathered in maple syrup and butter that you eat from a bowl with a spoon. Last week, TikTik brought us White Claw slushies to shake up at-home happy hour, and now the social platform is circulating another invention of genius: pancake cereal. We're calling it now: this viral dish is right up there with the most iconic breakfast dishes of all time.

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It's unclear exactly who started the food trend, but the steps look easy nonetheless. All you have to do is put pancake batter into a bottle with a spout — or cut the corner of a gallon storage bag — and squeeze dime-sized dollops onto a nonstick pan. Watch them cook and flip them over once the bottom turns golden brown. Toss in a bowl, top with syrup and butter, and eat.

As far as batter goes, use pantry staples to make a basic one or use a store-bought mix. And get innovative with your pancake bowls. Unlike actual cereal, you don't have to put milk in the bowl, but people are adding strawberries, bananas, chocoalate chips and other unexpected ingredients that go great with pancakes.