Padma Lakshmi and Jesse Tyler Ferguson enjoy a 'quiet moment together' in side-by-side bathtub photos

Padma Lakshmi loves bath time — even if it's long-distance.

The Top Chef star recently took to Instagram to share a side-by-side photo of herself and Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson striking a similar pose as they relax in what appears to be matching copper bathtubs.

"When your friend wants to have a quiet moment together but they’re across the country," the host captioned the photo.

Of course, the post was welcomed by eager fans who clearly love bath time just as much as they do.

"Iconic," Ferguson wrote, while HGTV star Dawn McCoy commented, "What I really find remarkable is… MATCHING BATHTUBS?"

"Two copper tubs?! Amazeballs!" a fan chimed in. Another added, "A beautiful friendship."

Lakshmi may have needed some relaxation after her busy weekend. On Saturday, Lakshmi and her Top Chef co-star Gail Simmons took to the streets of Houston to speak out against the state's restrictive abortion law.

Both women spoke at the march, during which Lakshmi talked about her own mother having an abortion after she was born.

"At that time, not only could my parents not afford another child, but her body could not physically sustain another pregnancy," she told the crowd, per Houston Chronicle. "It's out of love for me that they made the difficult decision to do what was right for our family and it’s out of love for my mother and all families that I stand here today, ready to fight."

Lakshmi also criticized Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, saying, "I think Abbott should take Biology 101. I think he should understand how women’s bodies work, how reproductive cycles work and I think he should stay out of women's bodies. You have no right to decide what happens to my body."

The Texas law, SB8, sometimes referred to as the "heartbeat bill," was enacted in September and prohibits abortions once doctors can detect fetal cardiac activity, which is usually around six weeks — before some women know they're pregnant. The law also allows for private citizens to sue Texas abortion providers, the women getting the abortions, even rideshare drivers and other individuals who help women travel to an abortion clinic.