Pack Your Bags, LOTR Fans—Mexico's Viral 'Hobbit Hotel' Looks Just Like the Shire

Planning a trip to Hotel Tapasoli? Here's everything you need to know.

While watching The Lord of the Rings, it's easy to get swept up in the scenes of the Shire and imagine just how beautiful that type of setting would be in real life. Well, thanks to one hotel in North America, the dream of staying in a similar location might be closer than you'd think.

Hotel Tapasoli, AKA the "Hobbit Hotel," is a whimsical, unique hotel located in Mexico. It's known as the Hobbit Hotel due to its hobbit-like lodging. According to TripAdvisor, Hotel Tapasoli "is an excellent choice for travelers visiting the area, offering a romantic environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay."

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If you're planning a trip to Mexico and still looking for places to stay, you may consider Hotel Tapasoli if you're in the area. If you're a big LOTR fan and going all the way to New Zealand isn't super realistic, this might be more attainable for a fun trip. It currently upholds an average 4-star rating on TripAdvisor, and staying there offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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You may even recognize it and that's because, yes, it has recently gone viral on our favorite app—TikTok. Though it's only recently gone viral, Hotel Tapasoli has been around for a while. According to Mexico News Daily, Alberto Muñoz González came up with the idea of Hotel Tapasoli. He had the somewhat strange urge to create lodgings that hung from the large trees on his family’s land. And thus, the beautiful Hotel Tapasoli was born.

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Where is Hotel Tapasoli located in Mexico? What's the best way to travel to Hotel Tapasoli? And what is the Hotel Tapasoli experience like, anyway? If you're ready to plan a trip, we're answering all your questions and more.

Where It's Located

Hotel Tapasoli is located in Xilitla, Mexico, a small city tucked within the jungle-dense Huasteca region of San Luis Potosí. It is about a 7-hour drive north of Mexico City.

With not much else around it, Hotel Tapasoli has been a popular tourist attraction that's helped boost the economy in Xilitla. The other main popular attraction close by that may attract tourists is Las Pozas, the home of and sculptor gardens of English poet Edward James.

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How To Get There

TripAdvisor says that the quickest way to get to Hotel Tapasoli is by flying into the Benito Juarez International Airport. From there, it's under an eight-hour drive to get into the hidden jungle town—a whopping 200+ miles.

It's definitely a journey into the seemingly-unknown to get to Hotel Tapasoli. Many reviews rave about how incredible the stay is overall, and how it is far out of the way, but worth it to get to experience it.

Check out this TikTok from @lizthebliz showcasing the amazing views of the Hobbit Hotel in Xilitla. It's no wonder it takes such a long time to arrive at the final destination.

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Average Cost Per Night

How much your stay per night at Hotel Tapasoli will cost you depends on many things, including the time of year you visit and whether you stay in a cabin, nest or burrow lodge. There aren't a lot of prices readily available online, so it's suggested to contact the property to inquire about a more accurate price.

According to various reviews, the average cost per night at Hotel Tapasoli may range anywhere from $800 to $1,500.

You can visit their Facebook page and contact them via WhatsApp.

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Amenities Offered at Hotel Tapasoli

One Google reviewer said, "Just waking up and eating breakfast here is an [experience] worth the trip." However, the breathtaking views and romantic environment aren't the only perks of your stay at Hotel Tapasoli.

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Some of the amenities offered at Hotel Tapasoli include:

  • An on-site restaurant: If you're not looking to venture too far out of the lodging zone, there's a restaurant on-site for all your food and drink needs.

  • Free parking: Rented a car to drive out to the jungle? Not to worry, parking is free.

  • Room service: Who doesn't love a hotel that offers room service?

  • Pets allowed: If you're traveling with your furry pals, they're allowed here! Just make sure to call and confirm ahead of time.

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