P448 Launches ‘Limitless’ Sneaker Program

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Sneaker brand P448 will launch on June 1 a new genderless program called the Limitless Collection with sizes ranging from EU35 to EU50.

The new collection is born from consumer behavior at the brand’s New York City store, which opened in September 2021 and moved to a new location shortly after. P448 said it watched customers gravitate to footwear that was created for the opposite gender, and that spurred this collection, which is designed to allow customers to shop and express themselves freely.

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“I’m so proud that we as a team did not make the changes,” said P448 chief executive officer Wayne Kulkin. “There were never rules, just a follower mentality. Now designers and consumers can enjoy a new level of creation that touches all demographics.”

Kulkin compared today’s push for genderless fashion to “the most advanced fashion and street-inspired customers” embracing mix-and-match styles since the 1950s and 1960s. “Now it feels like a movement, but inclusive fashion is the new reality of design, comfort, and the desire to dress in a way that makes you feel good unapologetically,” he said.

P448 produced 40 sneakers of existing styles and new silhouettes in extended sizes and colors not previously offered for all genders. And to support the launch, the brand is launching a campaign featuring five digital content creators – Armiel Chandler, Anaa Saber, Blair Broll, Jonah Almost and Gracie Seeger, with partners Fluide Beauty and photographer Max Papendieck.

Prior to this launch, P448 opened stores in Miami and Paris and received investment from actor and entrepreneur Mark Wahlberg. In addition, the brand has partnered with nonprofit organization Ali Forney Center and is donating $25,000 to the organization over the next three months.

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