Owl's Excitement Over Being Given Mini Pumpkins Is Everything

She was so thrilled to have them!

Pumpkins are very popular in autumn. They are widely associated with Halloween because of the tradition of pumpkin carving and they are the base ingredient in many fall dishes. It's no surprise that people love them! It's also not just people who love pumpkins—one animal was absolutely ecstatic about the pumpkin she recently received.

Chintimini Wildlife Center is a wildlife rehabilitation center in Oregon, and they recently shared a video on their TikTok, @cwcwildlife, of one of their owls, Ruth. In the video, Ruth was given a mini pumpkin for enrichment, and her reaction is amazing! Check out the video to see what Ruth thought about this pumpkin.

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OMG, Ruth is absolutely thrilled with her pumpkin! She does not want anyone touching her new toy, and she is sure to let them know. If you go near that mini pumpkin, you might lose a finger!

People in the comments are loving Ruth. @kitty62862 said, "She’s gorgeous. She’s so happy with her little pumpkin," and @midnight.mae commented, "Ruth is a goddess, and I love her." Ruth deserves all the pumpkins she can get her talons on!

Others are sharing that they feel the same way about pumpkins as Ruth does! @olderjawn commented, 'She's like "Perfect fall home decor for the front porch!" I make that sound around pumpkins too!' Another user, @livekindly, said, "We love mini pumpkins too, Ruth." Mini pumpkins are one of the best parts of autumn!

We're glad Ruth is enjoying her enrichment treat so much! This good girl is never going to let that pumpkin out of her sight. In fact, she might start demanding more mini pumpkins!

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