Owen Leeper Attempts Challenging Chute In Summer Sunshine

Professional skier Owen Leeper isn't going to let the changing of the seasons stop him from getting out on his skis.

Watch as Leeper skis the challenging Pinner Couloir on Laurel Mountain near Mammoth Lakes, California:

Owen Leeper: "Skiing Pinner Couloir outside Mammoth Lakes, CA. I like to use google earth to find the easiest way up and down couloirs in areas I've never skied before. Luckily i was able to scope this line from a couple days earlier, so i knew it went through. I was able to hike up the safe route, away from rock and wet slides in the chute, then ski down it quick and as safe as possible."

I loved how Leeper shared his tips for using Google Earth to identify ski lines, but the advice should come with a disclaimer.

Skiing in the backcountry is always dangerous, no matter the season, and every skier should bring the necessary gear (beacon, shovel, probe). It's also never advisable to ski in the backcountry by yourself.

With all of that said, Leeper's video is an excellent testament to how deep the snowpack is in the Sierras.

Nearby Mammoth Mountain, California will be open through late July!

Happy Second Season. There's still plenty of snow to go around.

Here's more information about The Pinner Couloir from TheOutdoorClick:

Top Elevation: 11,800 ft.

Vertical: 3,400 ft.

Slope Angle: 35-38 degrees

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