Overgrown potato roots take over woman's home

Pro tip: If you need to leave the house for a few months, make sure to clear out your entire kitchen.On June 12, Twitter user donna9p shared a photo of what happens when you leave a bag of potatoes in the pantry for a few months and forget about them.“After 3 months of absence my potatoes decided to push without limit until making holes in the joints,” donna9p wrote in French.She also shared three photos of her potatoes, which are now growing well beyond the limits of their sack.Many people were perturbed by donna9p’s “scary” potato photos.“It looks like an alien invasion,” one person said.“I don’t know if I find it beautiful or if I’m scared but damn it’s super impressive,” a third person noted.If you buy a bag of potatoes, make sure to either use them quickly or throw them out before they become sentient

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