An ‘Over-The-Top’ Helicopter Mom Is Still Hovering Over Her 26-Year-Old & Reddit Says Only a Professional Can Help Her Land

Do you hear that incessant whirring sound? That’s the sound of the helicopter parent from this “Am I The A—hole? (AITA?)” post who can’t find it in herself to let her daughter be the one to fly free. Her 26-year-old daughter (Twenty! Six!).

Said daughter joined the subreddit to find out how to handle her helicopter mom’s most recent outrageous request. This woman who originally posted (the “OP” in Reddit lingo) said that even as a teen, she wasn’t allowed to go outside unsupervised. If OP was going to a friend’s house, her mom would insist on knowing who the parents were, who the siblings were, and talk to the parents on the phone. Even as a teen! Also … the siblings?!

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“Sometimes she’d go through my cellphone or diary (though not all the time), if she called me I would have to answer immediately or I’d get into trouble, this even happened while I was in school, I wasn’t allowed to ride a bike or swim because my mom was afraid I’d get hurt,” OP said.

The Latest Problem

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OP moved to another state, and her mom has apparently asked her to share her location — on multiple occasions.

“I have told her, repeatedly, no,” OP said. “This behavior did not extend to my [29-year-old] brother. She does have really bad anxiety which I understand but she acts like she’s going to keel over and die if I don’t.”

The location thing is the big point of contention right now, but OP said her mom also mails her pepper spray … which I think is a lot, but OP “lowkey thinks it’s sweet.” And for those who think she should go “NC” (no contact) with her mom, she said that won’t work.

“I took a nap at like 2PM last weekend and because I didn’t answer her call she called my fiancé while he was at work AND my MIL. She’d contact me whether I want her to or not.”

OP said she loves her mom and that she’s “crazy (in a mostly endearing way),” but now she wants to know: “AITA for not turning on my location for my mother?”

Reddit’s Reaction

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Reddit is floored by this mom’s request. She needs her adult daughter’s location? But not her adult son’s? So not only is she a helicopter parent, but perhaps a sexist one too?

“You’re an adult and this is very over the top, this isn’t even something she should be asking you at this point in your life,” said the top comment. “Is your mother in any sort of therapy for her anxiety?”

Redditors agreed this mom needs to see a therapist for everyone’s sake. OP shouldn’t have her privacy constantly invaded, and her mom, who is seemingly the a—hole, shouldn’t have to live with this level of anxiety.

“The solution for Mom’s anxiety is therapy, not intrusion into OP’s life.”

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