‘Outer Range’ Is the Trippy ‘Yellowstone’ You Didn’t Know You Needed

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With all the success that Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone—and its ever-expanding universe, which now includes a spinoff prequel called 1883—has had, it was inevitable that other major producers of television were going to make an attempt to capture that same fire and excitement. And if you want to picture an alternate universe version of the modern American West ranching landscape of Yellowstone, also starring a movie star in Josh Brolin, but with some weird, trippy, Lost-esque, Alex Garland-esque, sci-fi ripples, then you've got Amazon Prime Video's new series Outer Range. And folks, this show rules.

Outer Range at its core, and aesthetically speaking, is very close to what you get from Yellowstone. The show follows the Abbott family, led by patriarch Royal (Josh Brolin), who, along with his wife (Lili Taylor), sons (Tom Pelphrey and Lewis Pullman) lead their ranch through, well, ranching things. But in the very first episode, there are a number of wrinkles that I don't particularly want to spoil, and a mysterious outsider played by Imogen Poots (Green Room), that really make Outer Range into a show that resembles the Yellowstones of the world only tangentially at very best. This is a very different, and very unique show.

The Abbott family has the same sort of problems that the Duttons have in Yellowstone; much in the way that the Duttons are always fighting for control of their land, the Abbotts are as well. Brolin shares a number of scenes bickering with Will Patton (a familiar face for Yellowstone fans), who plays the leader of the Tillerson Ranch, which neighbors the land of the Abbotts. But, as you'll see within the show, the problems go just a biiiit deeper than land disputes. And Brolin does a terrific job depicting someone dealing with this disconnect.

So, before we get too far into spoiler territory, let's just say it: watch this show. It is quite cool. Here's when each and every episode will hit Amazon Prime Video:

Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video

When is the next episode of Outer Range coming out?

Season 1 of Outer Range is complete. So while we wrap our heads around that twisty ending, we wait to see if the show will get a Season 2.

Stream Outer Range on Amazon Prime Video

How many episodes of Outer Range are left?

The first season of Outer Range has now completed its 8 episode run. All 8 of those episodes are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video—so you can binge to your heart's content.

Here’s the complete release schedule for Outer Range:

Episodes release on Fridays (but usually drop early on Thursday night)

Episode 1: Now streaming as of April 15

Episode 2: Now streaming as of April 15

Episode 3: Now streaming as of April 22

Episode 4: Now streaming as of April 22

Episode 5: Now streaming as of April 29

Episode 6: Now streaming as of April 29

Episode 7: Now streaming as of May 6

Episode 8: Now streaming as of May 6

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