Outer Banks' star Chase Stokes reveals his secrets to staying in shape during quarantine

If you are one of the millions of Netflix users

who binged “Outer Banks” during quarantine,

then you know that its star, Chase Stokes,

got into great shape for his turn as John B.

But has he been maintaining his fit physique

during the months-long quarantine.

During a recent interview with

In The Know’s Gibson Johns, Stokes revealed

that he’s made sure that his body is prepared

for whenever filming picks back up.

“It’s been ‘eat whatever’ for the past two

to three months, so I’ve tried the last

month and a half to really get back into

my diet and get back into working shape”.

the actor has especially turned to

Sweet Earth’s plant-based substitutions.

“it’s just about having something that tastes

great, is good for your body, and being a product

and company that I really believe in”.

Fitness-wise, Stokes is working with one of

Hollywood’s leading personal trainers, Alex Fine.

“whether it’s through Zoom or FaceTime —

I’m on the East Coast and he’s on the West

Coast, and he’s still on me non-stop”.

“He’ll call me at the end of the workout

and hold me accountable, making sure I’m

doing the work I need to be doing”

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