'Outer Banks' Season 2 Ending, Explained

'Outer Banks' Season 2 Ending, Explained

If you thought the season one’s finale of Outer Banks was wild, be prepared to have your world rocked with season two. In Netflix’s typical fashion, things really hit the fan in the season two finale.

For some context: Outer Banks is a Netflix-produced TV show that focuses on a group of teenagers called the Pogues who are searching for a century-missing treasure. John B., the ringleader of the Pogues, is also searching for missing dad, who is presumed dead. Sounds like your average TV drama, right? Wrong. You'd be surprised to see what can happen in a small beach town in North Carolina—murder, mystery, betrayal, and more.

At the end of season one, John B. and his girlfriend Sarah escape the cops after John B. is framed for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin (the actual murderer is Sarah's brother, Rafe). The couple ride in a hurricane to get the cops off their trail, but are lost at sea in the process. The remaining Pogues—Kie, Pope, and JJ—mourn the supposed deaths of their friends.

But in the last few minutes of season one, footage shows Sarah and John B. surviving their shipwreck and boarding an unknown ship that's headed to Nassau, Bahamas.

And as for the treasure, Ward, Sarah's evil father and murderer of John B.'s dad, shipped it to Nassau, where Sarah and John B. are headed.

Enter season two: where more mystery and murder occur. Sarah and John B. unsuccessfully try to capture the gold from Sarah's family in the beach house, but are apprehended by the police. They successfully escape and board a boat—with the help of their new friend Cleo—and sail to Charlotte.

The rest of the Pogues—Kie, JJ, and Pope—are also in Charlotte after receiving an anonymous note that someone can clear John B.'s name. The trio travel to Charlotte and meet with Carla Limbrey who pressures Pope for another piece of treasure called the gold cross.

And, for the rest of the season, The Pogues search for the gold cross while avoiding murder and danger at the hands of Ward (Sarah's dad), Rafe, and their newest nemesis, Carla.

What happened at the end of Outer Banks Season 2?

It wasn’t enough that the Pogues lost the Royal Merchant Gold to Sarah’s villainous family, but now they also lost the gold cross to...you guessed it! Sarah's family, the Camerons.

How? Well, the Camerons and the Pogues are on a cargo ship where Ward tries to kill Sarah until John B. rescues her. The rest of the Pogues try to throw the cross overboard because if they can’t have it, then no one can. But amid their fighting, Pope gets cornered by Rafe, who steals the cross for himself. The Pogues then jump ship, because, well, the Camerons will kill them if they don’t.

The Pogues somehow end up on an abandoned island with no water or food, but at least they’re safe (got to look on the bright side, right?).

As for Limbrey, the last few scenes of season two show her meeting up with presumably-deceased Big John, John B.’s father, who promises to help Limbrey find the Shroud of Turin, a magical healing cloth that was supposedly hidden in the gold cross, as long as she aids John B. and his friends.

And there you have it. That’s how season two ends, with more questions than answers. Is the Shroud of Turin actual magic? How will the Pogues escape the abandoned island? Will Rafe and Ward ever go to jail? And, lastly, will our favorite son and father duo finally be reunited? Let's hope season three will reveal all the answers.

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