Little Girl Dressed as Exhausted Mom Is a Halloween Winner

This Halloween costume is too real. (Photo: Stocksy)
This Halloween costume is too real. (Photo: Stocksy)

What do you get when you combine under-eye circles, a little vomit, sweatpants, and clawing babies? An exhausted mom. Or, as a young girl from Muncie, Ind., saw it, an ingenious Halloween costume.

Instead of going the traditional route of ghost or cheerleader for Halloween, Lainie took inspiration from real life and went as a mom — and not the kind of mom from the movies, who’s always put-together. We’re talking a real, tired, spread-too-thin mother of the year. And her costume is on point. We are officially crowning Lainie the queen of costumes for Halloween 2016.

With fake rings under her eyes, a pink sweatsuit, a messy ponytail, one baby in a clunky car seat in one arm, and another clinging to her leg, this girl is the epitome of a mom who’s under the gun, right down to the harassed look on her face. All she needs is a little spit-up — oh wait, check her shoulder. It’s there. Talk about precision. Moms can’t half-a** their jobs, so why would Lainie half-a** the costume?

We’re not sure if she took inspiration from her own mother, and if so, we kind of feel bad, but we also want to bow down to the mom for raising a child with such an awesome sense of humor.

The photo surfaced when a friend of the family posted it on Facebook: “my friends daughter dressed up as a mom for halloween. Notice the spit up and dark circles under her eyes. ???? ???? ???? ???? Im dead!” Rachael Fansler Beachy wrote. “This is the best costume ive ever seen!”

Other moms are giving their approval in the comments on the post. “Oh so accurate,” one follower wrote. “Yesss!!! She totally nailed it. I’m still laughing at this picture. The spit up, dark circles and baby attached to her leg sealed the deal. Hahahaha,” Brandy Bear added.

To add to the fun, Lainie’s younger sister has a clever costume as well. With her gray hair and a cane, it seems she might be the grandma.

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