Ostrich Dancing to Acoustic Guitar Serenade Is a Total Vibe

This silly bird has the best moves.

Ostriches are the world's largest bird. They can grow to be a staggering nine feet tall and weigh up to 320 pounds. These gorgeous animals have a very interesting mating ritual, where the male ostrich performs elaborate dancing displays, during mating season, trying to attract the female birds to mate with him. The male ostrich also seems to really like acoustic guitar music.

The @Readersdigest account shared this amazing video and we cannot get enough of Fred and his dance moves.

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We also love how the woman filming can't help but crack up when Fred comes a-runnin'! Too funny. TikTok Viewers are enchanted by this giant bird, and @Jbeezul comments, "Omg HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He even started dancing before the music came on. He was ready!!" @Annieblue39 says, "Fred is feeling the music, LOL!  He’s a groupie and I love it. Animals are so amazing I hope everyone appreciates them." @SherryMckenzie311 adds, "Fred was dancing like nobody's watching." @LittleMissVigor replies, "I'd rather play for an audience of one if the audience is like this than for an audience of thousands otherwise."

That's so true. Fred seemed very appreciative of his private concert. This is basically the epitome of a wonderful life, just a beautiful sunny day, playing music for a gorgeous dancing ostrich. Now that's living!

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