Beachy keen: This lounge chair has a face hole for reading (and napping)!

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Ostrich Chaise Lounge Chair. (Photo: Amazon)
Ostrich Chaise Lounge Chair. (Photo: Amazon)

Pull out all of the summer beach reads you’ve yet to complete and queue all of your favorite Netflix shows because there’s an item so perfect for binge reads and watching that you’ll have no choice but to sit back and relax.

Amazon’s No. 1 best selling lounge chair is designed for your comfort, regardless of how you sit, and it’s the perfect relaxation accessory your life needs.

The lightweight and foldable polyester chair comes with one unique addition that makes it unlike all the rest: it has a hole for your face. You know that uncomfortable dance you do when transitioning from laying on your back to laying on your stomach? That doesn’t need to be a thing.

A typical stiff lounge chair makes finding the perfect spot a challenge, but the Ostrich lounge chaise is designed for the needs we all have while resting. It can be propped up in three different positions and lie completely flat. The pillow at the top of the chair is removable, too.

The space for your face is unlike anything else. A soft cushion supports the sides of your head while a hole allows you to look directly down at those books or shows you love.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about the sun’s bright rays beating down on what you’re reading or watching since your body will provide the shade.

Built-in arm holes allow for an easy set up for reading, writing, sleeping or sunning.

The unique design doesn’t forfeit function, though. In fact, the chair can easily hold up to 250 pounds — and its sturdy aluminum legs are rust resistant and able to last and hold for a long while.

Among the rave reviews, shoppers are especially keen on the easy set up, break down and overall use. Below, check out what customers are saying:


Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)
Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)

One five-star reviewer wrote: “This chair is amazing and just what I wanted! It is way more comfortable to have a place to stick your head when sunning whilst laying on your stomach! It is cool that you can read, too; much more comfortable than hurting your arms hanging them over the sides of other chairs (the struggle is so real...) I wish I could bring this with me when I go to Mexico!”

The reviewer added: “I took this camping with me and now my friends are ordering their own! It is still holding up and I still love this chair. Another great thing about it is the carrying strap — that was a nice feature when walking to the river with the chair.”


Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)
Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)

One five-star reviewer wrote: “I'm obsessed with this thing! Super incredibly easy to adjust to whatever angle you would like. It's amazing for face down relaxing! I chill and watch movies on the tablet when [I’m] face down and the padded piece that covered the head hole when you are face up provides an excellent shade for when you are face down! Super easy to set up. Super east to set up and put away!”

Easy to use

Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)
Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)

One five-star reviewer wrote: “This lounge is comfortable, folds easily, is sturdy, and is cool (meaning it breathes). My head fits easily in the hole and the pillows on the side of the hole make it easy to rest my forehead there comfortably. The arm holes make it great to text or read. The entire lounge is the absolutely BEST lounge I've ever had in my life, and I've had a bunch of them. I highly recommend it!!!”


Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)
Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair. (Photo: Amazon)

One five-star reviewer wrote: “GREAT LOUNGER. I bought this for beach use. It's light enough to carry with the strap provided but durable enough that you don’t feel like it is going to fall apart. It's well constructed. The head hole and arm holes are a pretty good idea if you like to read while lying on your front. The padding around the head hole was a little big for my head but a rolled up towel above it does the job just fine. Overall a good buy. UPDATE — on my second season with this — still love it and it’s still in great shape — no issues with the back going up or down as indicated by others.”

Shop it: Ostrich Lounge Chaise Chair, $31 to $59 depending on color,

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