Oscar-Winning Director Wears Thrifted Tux for Red Carpet Appearance

The suit's come in handy for the filmmaker over the years.

While many filmmakers at the 2023 Oscars opted for designer suits, Everything Everywhere All At Once co-director Daniel Scheinert went the unconventional fashion route.

Alabama-based news site AL.com reported that Scheinert's simple black tux with golden buttons was a purchase from Scottsboro thrift shop Unclaimed Baggage. He dressed the jacket up with a matching pocket square and a wine-colored dress shirt.

Scheinert's mom Becky explained the story behind the suit to the site, noting that they'd gone out to buy it years ago when the filmmaker began to get invited to industry events and needed a suit. "Lo and behold, it fit his very tall, very skinny frame," she said.

It was a tame ensemble compared to what the EEAAO co-director/writer wore to the Spirit Awards: an oversized camouflage-print poncho that covered his full torso, worn over a flannel shirt and forest green tights.

Scheinert wasn't the only one of the Daniels who wore an unorthodox outfit to the Oscars.

Everything Everywhere All At Once co-director/writer Daniel Kwan donned an eye-catching red suit, featuring the same design as the cardigan Michelle Yeoh wears as Evelyn in the Academy Award-winning film.

As reported by GQ, the suit was custom-made by menswear brand Goodfight.

"Our team had already talked about the possibility of the punk sweater separately, and then Daniel and [EEAAO costume designer] Shirley [Kurata] came to us and expressed that's what they wanted to do," told Goodfight brand director Caleb Lin to the men's magazine.

Kwan accessorized the suit with a bolo tie, in reference to Evelyn's jade necklace. "The one we ended up using is shaped like a jade bagel, which felt apropos for the movie," Goodfight's creative director Julia Chu explained about the accent piece.

Could these be their new lucky suits?