Oscar Nominee Carey Mulligan Shares Her Skincare Routine For That Red Carpet Glow

Oscar Nominee Carey Mulligan Shares Her Skincare Routine For That Red Carpet Glow

Carey Mulligan was nominated for an Oscar this year in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category for her work on Emerald Fennell's Promising Young Woman. In the film, she wears lots of crazy wigs and different makeup looks, but in real life, Carey is more of a minimalist. The actress, 35, opened her makeup bag for Harper's Bazaar UK, and revealed that while she's "obsessed" with skincare, she often doesn't wear makeup at home.

So, what exactly goes in Carey's red carpet-ready glow? For starters, she uses Dr. Barbara Sturm's Night Serum, which she calls "brilliant." The Great Gatsby alum says she puts the serum on every night and then uses a facial massager by Joanna Czech to help the serum seep into her pores. She follows that up with a "fix line smoothing device" by NuFace, which smoothes out wrinkles.

"I think my views of beauty have changed, just getting older, and seeing my beautiful friends who are the same age as me, like, all of us kind of getting older together and I think they're so gorgeous and I feel like the idealized version of beauty ... all of that stuff can be oppressive and intimidating when you're younger," Carey says in the video. "When you get a bit older and you start to realize that ... the majority of people who say they drink a lot of water are having a lot of cosmetic surgery, it just makes you chill a little bit."

Before photo shoots, she uses the Hydra-Fill Mask by Meder Beauty, saying, "Your face just looks completely different after 20 minutes."

The the only makeup she wears when not working is Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 45 Primer. "It somehow feels like you are making yourself up a bit, and I look vaguely better with it on," Carey explains. "Probably the best bit of beauty advice I've been given is to wear sun cream." On top of the primer, she covers blemishes with the bareMinerals BarePro 16-hour full coverage concealer. "Oftentimes, I'll just use the Chantecaille thing and little bits of concealer on all the bad bits and not really bother with anything else."

Aside from her skin tone, Carey "always" touches up her brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz, because when she was sixteen, she waxed her brows off and was left with pencil-thin brows. "Ever since then, I just grow them, and I want them to be bigger and better than they are all the time."

Overall, Carey's been able to take better care of her skin over the past year, saying: "Lockdown has given me the opportunity to look after myself a little bit more in a nice way."

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