Original Peloton Bikes Are Going for an Unbelievable $1,145 on Amazon

If you've been holding out, this historic low is for you.

In the year 2022, it's more likely that you’ve heard of the infamous Peloton Bike than not. Though it debuted back in 2014 after a Kickstarter campaign, Peloton became familiar to the masses after a hotly-debated 2019 holiday campaign. Though the marketing department that year may have been in the hot seat, Peloton has continued to grow their fan base and fill their virtual classes ever since. If you count yourself among the Peloton curious crowd, consider this Black Friday deal the perfect opportunity to make it official.

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If you’ve just heard the brand name but are unfamiliar with the product’s benefits, let us clue you in. Peloton’s key advantage is that it combines the community of an exercise class with the convenience of a home workout. The stationary bike features a touch-screen tablet affixed to the front of the bike that allows you to join a variety of classes from cycling to even yoga. Recent converts should note that special footwear is required to use a Peloton properly. But of course, since it’s Black Friday, even the brand’s cycling shoes are on sale for 30% off.

Purchasing a Peloton means that you’ll also need to invest in the membership to access the library of workout content and live classes. For $44 a month—which is less than many popular cycling and gym membership costs—your entire household can enjoy the full range of Peloton content. While it's a quality piece of equipment without the digital assets, the class aspect is really what sets this bike apart. Users keep each other motivated with a competitive leaderboard function, and instructors keep riders engaged by implementing song and dance elements into the cardio workouts.

When the Original Peloton Bike was first on Kickstarter, it was going for $1,500. Once it got enough traction to be offered to the general public, the price had gone up to $2,245 to factor in for mass production, shipping and sustainable profit margins. Since then, newer models have been developed, but the original version remains as dependable and desirable as ever. This lasting quality has been evidenced by the price drop in recent years of the OG model, allowing even more eager riders to join in on the fun and fitness. At full price, this stationary bike goes for $1,445. That’s a little less than the Kickstarter supporters were able to buy at, and that’s not even considering inflation.

This Black Friday, it’s on sale on Amazon for a somehow even more impressive deal. Marked down 21% during the sale event, shoppers can buy their own Original Peloton Bike for as little as $1,145. That’s $300 off the already historically low price point! So what’s stopping you? Check out, clip in, and see what the Peloton hype is truly all about.

Original Peloton, Was $1,445, Now $1,145 on Amazon

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