See the Stunning Built-In Closet an Organizing Expert Created for Good Housekeeping's Editor in Chief

Amanda Garrity

From Good Housekeeping

Browsing through a well-organized closet is the best — and not to mention, easiest — way to start your day off right. And since you can't exactly tame the everyday chaos that comes with balancing your job, kids, and pets, organizing your closet is a foolproof way to add order to your daily routine.

That's exactly why Good Housekeeping's Editor in Chief Jane Francisco enlisted the help of Horderly, an organizing company founded by Jamie and Fillip Hord, to make her walk-in closet (or as she calls it, her "dressing room") more functional. Although Jane has plenty of space to work with (a whole room, in fact!), she wasn't making the most of it — until she streamlined her belongings in labeled baskets and acrylic containers, and traded mismatched hangers for coordinated velvet ones.

While a built-in closet system may not be a possibility for everyone —or every home, for that matter — there are several brilliant tips and tricks from the pros (hanging dress pants to avoid creases, for example) that align with different budgets, closet sizes, and organizing needs.

Watch the video above for more closet inspiration.

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