How To Organize Your Under-Sink Area

If I had to name the most disorganized spot in my home right now, I'd probably have to go with the cabinet under my bathroom sink. Why? Because it's a tiny space, to begin with, then add a giant pipe in the middle of things and it gets even harder to work around. Factor in all the stuff that I need to store in there (cleaning supplies, towels, hair styling tools...the list goes on!), and it becomes nearly impossible to manage.

Video Transcript

RACHEL WINKLER: Today I'm here with House Beautiful to talk to you all about bathroom organization and storage. Let's get started. The first step to any successful organizing project is to declutter. We all have products in our bathroom that we're not going to use again. So what we're going to do is take everything out and divide these products between three categories. Keep, donate, and toss. If a product is brand new and unopened, you can donate it. But if you've used it even just once, you're going to have to throw it away.

One way to organize your bathroom products is to use an expandable under the sink organizer like this. These are great because they adjust to work around the pipes underneath your sink. I also added plastic bins here, which are really helpful for containing smaller items so that they don't topple over. Another way to organize your bathroom products is to use clear acrylic drawers and a lazy Susan. On this side, I use a set of three drawers that stack neatly in place. I like using clear because it allows you to see everything that you have inside. You can divide the drawers between family members or category of items. And then on this side, I use the lazy Susan or turntable to store my taller items. I love these because it allows you to see everything you have in one place.

Another solution is to use an over the cabinet organizer. This one is made specifically for hair tools. So there's a section for a straightener, a blow dryer, and a curling iron. They come in lots of different sizes, shapes, and styles to suit whatever size you need underneath your sink. A common problem in the bathroom is keeping the medicine cabinet organized. Here I'm using a divided medicine cabinet organizer to contain the smaller items that would otherwise get lost or topple over inside the medicine cabinet. I hope you found these bathroom organization ideas helpful. Be sure to follow along with House Beautiful for more home organization and storage ideas.