This is how you should organize your fridge and freezer

Follow these hacks to keep your fridge organized and your produce fresh

Video Transcript

JAMIE HORD: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to "In The Know-- Uncluttered." I'm Jamie.

FILLIP HORD: And I'm Fillip. And today, we're going to be giving you tips and tricks on organizing your fridge and freezer.

JAMIE HORD: Just like any other space that you're organizing, you want to pull everything out, sort everything. You want to toss anything that's old or expired or perished. And then when you're placing items back into your fridge, there's a specific way to organize the fridge in terms of temperature of the fridge. And you want to prevent any cross-contamination.

In this fridge, we've got two drawers on the bottom. The best categories to live in the drawers are fruits and veggies. Here we have a bin of raw meat at the bottom. We've got a bin of deli items.

The next shelf up, we have a zone of dairy. And then here we're using drawers to maximize the height of the space. So the fridge door is the warmest part of the fridge. So you want to put items here that aren't going to perish quickly.

Next up, we're going to talk about the freezer. We're going to use bins in the freezer as well. Here we have a bin of breakfast items, frozen fruit, frozen veggies, a bin of kids' meals, microwave meals, and raw meat. So the freezer door is usually shallow shelves. So this is great to store smaller items, like ice cream or popsicles or ice packs.

Hopefully you enjoyed these tips and tricks to organizing your fridge and freezer. This has been "In The Know-- Uncluttered." I'm Jamie.

FILLIP HORD: And I'm Fillip. Thanks for watching.