Organizations to Help with Voter Registration

Bridging the Gaps to Mobilize and Empower Eligible Citizens

Registering to vote can be done at a number of organizations. (Getty Images)

Each year millions of voters head to the polls to have a say in government elections. There are many organizations that help register eligible voters ahead of Election Day. According to the U.S. Census Bureau turnout for the 2022 congressional elections was the second highest in a non-presidential election year in two decades. Registration rates also climbed to their highest levels since 2000, with more than 69% of those eligible registered.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is the way most people register to vote. But there are other organizations to help if an eligible citizen wants to exercise their right to vote.

  • Rock the Vote: This nonprofit organization was founded in 1990 when music executives partnered with MTV. Over more than three decades, the organization has registered more than 14 million people. The site lets individuals check their registration status as well as receive election reminders.

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  • VoteRiders: VoteRiders is an American non-partisan, nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that all U.S. citizens over 18 years old are able to exercise their right to vote. One of its main focuses is assisting citizens who want to secure their voter ID. Take a moment to check out their site and learn more about voter suppression happening in your state or around the country.

  • The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU: The Brennan Center for Justice is a non-partisan law and policy institute that works to build an America that is democratic, just, and free – for all. It focuses on democracy, criminal justice, securing the balance of power, and protecting fundamental freedoms while keeping Americans safe.

  • R Street: The R Street Institute is an American non-partisan, center right think tank with a mission to engage in policy research and outreach to promote free markets and limited, effective government through pragmatic solutions to difficult problems.

  • Voto Latino: Voto Latino is a dual nonprofit organization in the U.S. helping to shepherd the Latinx community towards full realization of its political power. Its primary aim is to encourage young Hispanic and Latino voters to register to vote and become more politically involved.

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