Organization Influencers Love This “Milk Tea” Keyboard—and Now It’s on Sale

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo make remote work more enjoyable.

I love cute home-office supplies. Whether it's a set of adorable sticky notes or a pink stapler, I've gotta have it. I feel the same way about tech products. My desk area is filled with decorative but useful items like a large anime mousepad, magical girl charging station, and finally, a nice and colorful keyboard with retro aesthetics. There's something to be said about having fun while you work, even if that means you just buy a product that makes you smile when you use it. For me, those products are usually keyboards and mice. And I found the perfect set on Amazon that'll help you have a little more fun on your own this year.

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Right now, you can get the Sades Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo on Amazon for just 10% off $42.99. That makes it $38.69 for both a decorative, colorful wireless keyboard and mouse. For less than the price of a fancy dinner out or a week of Starbucks, you could spruce up your home office. I did it, and I highly encourage you to do so as well. Because work doesn't have to be boring Zoom calls and white walls, you know.

It's clear plenty of other buyers are pleased with this keyboard and mouse combo, too. It's amassed nearly 2,000 five-star ratings, and everyone praises it similarly, calling out its ergonomic setup, quiet keypresses, and of course, the unique design. Aesthetics can be super important (I'll buy a third can opener just because it's pink), so the fact that this set is visually distinct is awesome. For one thing, the keys are circular. Who needs another keyboard with square keys when this one exists?

If you remain unconvinced, though, consider this. This plug-and-play keyboard and mouse set lets you use it up to 28 feet away from your PC with just a small nano receiver. I use it with my desktop PC attached to my television which is a pretty fair distance from my couch, and it works beautifully without any disconnection. Plus, this is a full-size keyboard with all the keys you need to get the job done, including a numpad! It even has a power-saving mode to help you save battery power that lets you wake either device in seconds.

Plus, it comes in two very cute color options: "Colorful", which features a black base with pink, red, light blue, peach, and other muted yet chic colors, and "Milk Tea", which combines a peachy base with brown, white, tan, and cream keys. Both fit totally different aesthetics, which is why I bought two just in case I decide to completely switch up my home office again. That way when I'm in my nude shade era, I've got the perfect centerpiece for my desk.

I could sing this keyboard duo's praises all day, especially as someone who works on a laptop with a supplemental set of keys most of my day. But let's hear from some of the reviewers so you can have a complete portrait of why it's so good! One buyer called it a "cool wireless keyboard" and praised it as such: "The keys on the keyboard are circular, which is unusual, but my son enjoys typing on them and they are extremely responsive, but he likes the design and color pattern the most. They are really smooth and simple to type on."

Another happy buyer called this keyboard "fun and eye-catching": "Works well without any problem as you would expect from any keyboard or mouse but it certainly screams fun and character to your desk. 5 out of 5 stars." They also added that it uses a single USB receiver, which makes it simple to connect to your computer without too much hassle.

One excited buyer called the keyboard and mouse combo "exactly what I wanted": "I love this keyboard!! It works perfectly! I got it cause I wanted something that would match my color scheme for my work cubicle. The one thing I thought was old at first but now I love was that after not moving the mouse for a while it kinda goes into a sleep mode and you have two click it to wake it up so it can start moving again! All in all I really like and it’s super easy to type!"

If you're ready to jazz up your desk and show off your personality, then be sure to grab your own before this sale ends.

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