Oreo Is Reportedly Coming Out With Java Chip Cookies That Are Loaded With Coffee-Flavored Creme

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Photo credit: Nabisco
Photo credit: Nabisco

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Nabisco has quite the preference for coffee-inspired Oreo cookies these days. Earlier this year, Oreo’s Tiramisu flavor with two layers of creme came to stores. Now we’re looking forward to the Oreo Java Chip cookies to satisfy our coffee-loving selves.

These new Oreo cookies are listed on the website for BevMo!, a wine, spirits, beer, and more store. Kind of random, right? According to the listing, the cookies consist of the classic chocolate cookies that are filled with coffee-flavored creme that’s mixed with chocolatey chips. It basically sounds like Oreo turned Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino into a snack, and we have zero complaints here.

Since this listing is the only information we have on the Oreo Java Chip cookies, we don’t have much insight on when these will be coming out. However, the fact that it’s there is a good indication that they really are hitting shelves sooner rather than later. It’s also a good sign that the packaging doesn’t say it’s limited-edition, because something tells us that we won’t want to say goodbye to these cookies ever. Oh, and it’s also a good sign that they come in a family-size pack, because that gives us over 1 pound of cookies to devour.

We’ll keep you updated on our new potential favorite snack as information becomes available, but until then we’ll make sure our refrigerators are stocked with milk so we’re ready when the time comes.

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