The New Oreo Bark Is Hitting Stores in Two Flavors for the Ultimate Holiday Treat

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
·1 min read
Photo credit: Instagram @markie_devo
Photo credit: Instagram @markie_devo

From Cosmopolitan

Oreo really thrives during the holidays. Over the years, we’ve been graced with themed candy canes, a chocolate cookie house, and even ugly sweaters. Now the brand has partnered with Frankford Candy to launch Oreo Bark next month — and it’s not to be confused with the Oreo Peppermint Bark cookies.

The new Oreo Bark, as sent to Instagram account @markie_devo, comes in two flavors. For a more all-year-round taste, there’s the Cookies ‘n Cream. It starts with dark chocolate, layered with white chocolate, and topped with real Oreo pieces. For a more festive treat, the Peppermint also has those dark chocolate, white chocolate, and Oreo pieces, plus it’s filled with candy cane-like peppermint pieces.

The 2.5-ounce bars are decorated in snowflake packaging, so they’ll fit into our diets perfectly this winter (and make a great stocking stuffer). Both the Cookies ‘n Cream and Peppermint Oreo Barks will be available in November — although it’s unclear in which stores.

With a combination of chocolate, more chocolate, and cookies, we’re not sure how the Oreo Bark won’t be good. But, obviously, we’ll do a taste test … you know, just to be sure.

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