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Oprah's favorite plush toys are perfect for Easter — and some are on sale, from $19

Oprah on stage next to two photos of plush toys.
Oprah's list of favorite things includes these adorable plush pals. (Photo: Getty Images, Amazon)

We can't get enough of Oprah's Favorite Things — from cozy indoor-outdoor slippers to cheese and charcuterie boards, but right now we're zeroing in on these precious plushies. Not only are they adorable, but if you order now, you can get them before Easter!

w warmies
Warmies can also be put in the freezer to be used as a cold pack to ease pain from sprains and bruising as well as reduce swelling.
$24 at Amazon

"I sent the warmies piggy to my severely handicapped granddaughter (pigs make her laugh) who lives 2000 miles away," shared a generous grandparent. "Her mom sent a picture of her reaction - that smile is worth every penny I spent. The product was such a hit, mom & sister each ordered a different animal for themselves! They are pretty frugal, so that says a lot."

Each of the Warmies is designed to be heated up in the microwave. They're filled with lavender and the scent intensifies as the toys are heated for a soothing effect.
$28 at Amazon

"I purchased this little fellow for my elderly mom," share a grateful shopper. "She's never been the type of person to particularly like stuffed toys, and various other therapy items haven't worked for the PTSD, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. resulting from recently losing her husband of 55 years. Although the emotional trauma remains, she does find him extremely cute and comforting, talking to the little bear, sleeping with him wrapped in her arms, even taking 'Marshmallow' on the airplane. Seeing the positive difference he's already made on her life, this was truly the best $20 I've ever spent!!!"

Warmies are also good for stress relief and make great bedtime buddies and travel companions.
$30 at Amazon

"I've previously purchased the elephant and knew I had to get the goose as soon as I saw it!" gushed a rave reviewer. "The smell of my previous Warmie lasted for over 3 years so I expect much of the same with this. Great to help with cramps and other body pain, and the lavender is very soothing. I give these as gifts to my friends and have never regretted it."

This precious plush pup might just be a perfect substitute for the real thing.
$20 at Amazon

"Our granddaughter sleeps with her ‘Cooper’ at naptime," shared a doting grandpa. "We recently lost our golden retriever leaving THIS puppy much comfort on a different level. ❤️"

The adorable sloth is by far the most popular of the Warmies with over 5,000 five-star ratings.
$25 at Amazon

"OMG I can't believe how absolutely fabulous my Sloth warmie is," raved a five-star fan. "I don't do well in cold - fairly severe arthritis - my bones hurt and ache often during the fall/winter. I only need to microwave 90 seconds and I throw it on the couch to warm it up or in my bed to warm it up. Or, if I'm reading my book, I can lay him on me, next to me. This is so much better than turning on the heat! And I don't care that I'm an old lady :) I highly recommend if you struggle as I do with colder temperatures."

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