Oprah, 67, Swears By These Tips For Ageless Skin

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Photo credit: oprah
Photo credit: oprah

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When it comes to Oprah Winfrey, any singular word or event matched to her name could easily be chalked up as, well, she's Oprah. But bring up the topic of her flawless skin and people want to know the details of how the multi-hyphenate celebrity seemingly *never* ages. And she's somehow 67-years-old.

This might not surprise you, but when it comes to the top beauty products and treatments, Oprah's seen it and tried it all. This is a woman who, after all, has maintained a Favorite Things list since 1997, and there is never a shortage of self-care items available among the best of.

But what are some of Oprah's top skincare choices she uses daily? Ahead, you'll find several of the Super Soul Sunday host's tried-and-true tips for ageless skin.

She makes cleansing a top priority.

Oprah's facialist, Jennifer Brodeur, told Australia's Marie Claire that cleansing is "the most important part" of a skincare routine. "The skin will often get more tired and dull if it accumulates pollution and makeup, so if you’re able to cleanse your skin every night, it’s like a fresh start."

According to Oprah's annual Favorite Things lists of years past, two of her favorite cleansers are Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Brodeur's very own Peoni Cleanser.

She swears by *this* moisturizer.

If anyone put the hope in Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Moisturizer, it was Oprah, who placed the all-over cream on her Favorite Things list in 2010. It also snagged a spot on her Ultimate Favorite Things list. The talk show host has said the cream is "hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used."

She approaches skincare from the inside out.

Oprah took up farming in 2013 when she bought a farm in Maui, Hawaii and her farm-to-table approach is one she's maintained ever since. While a 60-acre farm might not be in your budget, it won't hurt to consider ways to add fresh produce to your diet if you're seeking glowing skin. Some of the best foods for skin health include avocados, broccoli, blueberries, spinach, and sweet potatoes, all of which pack a nutritional punch to support radiant skin.

She's a fan of LED light treatments.

Brodeur told Now to Love Oprah's secret weapon for ageless skin is regular LED light treatments, which help to tackle cystic acne—Oprah has struggled with it in the past—and other topical skin issues.

"LED treatments are virtually good for everyone," Brodeur said. "In my philosophy, everyone should be getting a treatment, it's like taking your daily vitamins; everyone will benefit from doing a session."

She pays attention to overlooked areas.

Sure, your face might be the main event when it comes to skincare, but Oprah also knows a little somethin' about taking care of and combating skin issues, like dry skin in other areas, namely her hands. In fact, she keeps one of the Tocca Crema da Mano creams in her bag, car, and house, according to PureWow.

"Not sure what to get a nice neighbor or your kid's social studies teacher?" Oprah wrote in her 2017 gift guide. "These hand creams are rich, quick-absorbing, and deeply soothing."

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