Opening Ceremony: That '90s Show, Again

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The ’90s are back at NYFW, but did they every really go away? At Opening Ceremony, designers Umberto Leon and Carol Lim plastered the walls of their presentation with photos by Spike Jonze, the film director who wrote a fashion play for the label during their fall presentation.

The unvarnished collages featured ’90s icons who also happened to be his creative collaborators back then: the Beastie Boys, Sofia Coppola (his ex wife), Bjork, California skater kids, and Chloe Sevigny, who was everybody’s favorite indie “it” girl during that time. “It’s an era I find to be most interesting and pure,” explained Leon, who also copied some of the images onto jackets and T-shirts which the models posed in.

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Apparently the millennials milling about—including Disney star Zendaya— feel pretty nostalgic about the time too. Perhaps it’s because it is the decade when most of them were brought into this world?

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