This is the only water bottle I’ll use for summer, and it’s an Amazon best seller

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When it comes to reusable water bottles, I probably have way too many. Living in New York City makes you more cognizant — you’re constantly walking and needing to stay hydrated, yet you don’t want to use a single-use plastic water bottle each time you need a sip.

That’s where my hoard of reusable water bottles comes in. Over the years I’ve received free ones as promotional items, and I’ve hopped on the S’well bottle and the Bkr glass bottle trends, but nothing tops my love for the brand Hydro Flask. Yes, you may think that’s very “VSCO girl” of me, but I’m proud to report I’ve been using Hydro Flask since before the “VSCO girl” movement.

Not only do I love the company’s #RefillForGood initiative that’s educating consumers on replacing single-use plastics like plastic water bottles and to-go containers, but its products do live it up to their claims, too.

There’s dozens of water bottle brands out there to test out, but Hydro Flask is one of my favorites for keeping my water cold all day long.

Because I love to keep my water super cold, one of my pet peeves is when water bottles aren’t wide enough to accommodate standard-size ice cubes. All of Hydro Flask’s bottle sizes are built with either a standard or wide mouth opening, and both can accommodate any size ice cube.

Hydro Flask
Hydro Flask

And as an avid user of Hydro Flask bottles, I can attest that your beverage will stay cold for 24 hours. It’s all thanks to the brand’s TempShield vacuum-insulated stainless steel, which can keep liquids warm too.

But not only are these bottles known for keeping beverages hot and cold, but the brand’s range of sizes allow you to use them in many aspects of life whether it’s while working from home or going on a long hike. Plus, since they’re stainless steel, they’re leak-proof and rust-proof.

On Amazon, you can select an 18, 21 or 24-ounce standard mouth bottle, or opt for even larger sizes (20, 32, 40 or 64-ounce) in the wide mouth bottle.

Shop: Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle, $29.95+


Shop: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle, $37.95+


But don’t just take it from me — the brand’s standard mouth water bottle has garnered 3,100 positive reviews from shoppers. Customers have even written that it’s their “forever bottle,” and once you get a Hydro Flask, “no other bottle compares.”

“They aren’t lying when they say this keeps water cold for 24 hours,” one shopper said. “The 21-ounce is honestly perfect to start, and it’s the perfect size for petite hands. It fits in cupholders in both cars, bikes and exercise machines.”

While I can agree with these reviewers’ sentiments, I can also agree that Hydro Flask bottles do have a few cons. Like some customers have said, if you’re not careful, the bottles can dent, and they can only be hand-washed. But luckily for hand-washing, there is a handy scrubbing brush that can clean every inch of the inside.

But with Hydro Flask’s lifetime guarantee, you can get your bottle easily replaced if damaged, which is why I also consider it my own “forever bottle.”

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