There Are Only a Few Hours Left to Shop Prime Day, and These Are the 40 Best Last-Minute Deals

Tara Gonzalez
·3 mins read

Westend61/Getty Images

Amazon Prime Day started yesterday. Maybe you’re like the hundreds of thousands of others who can’t even keep track of what day it is in this dumpster fire that we call the year 2020. If so, you’re of course not alone, and you actually don’t have to worry (at least on the shopping front) because Amazon Prime Day isn’t officially over for another couple of hours.

While some items sold out immediately on the first day, we prefer the under-the-radar Amazon Prime deals no one is talking about when the shopping frenzy has died down a bit. Sure AirPods at a $50 discount are great, as are no-touch thermometers for just $25. But you know what’s even better, in our humble opinion? A secret designer Prime Day sale section with over 6,000 never-before-seen deals or cashmere sweaters so majorly discounted Amazon fashion is practically giving them away. And don’t even get us started on Oprah's favorite moisturizer.

Right now, there are thousands upon thousands of very good Amazon Prime Day fashion deals, beauty discounts, home steals, and more you can still shop until 3 a.m. ET on October 15. And yes, we narrowed it down to the very best 40 below so you can focus on what day it is.

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