These 'one in a million' stories are making TikTok users question everything

These 'one in a million' stories are making TikTok users question everything. In response to a new viral prompt, TikTok users are sharing their “one in a million” stories — and some of them are pretty unbelievable. On Dec. 14, TikTok user Abraham Piper prompted his followers to share their “craziest, one in a million stories, something that happened to you that you just can’t believe is real.”. To kick things off, Piper shared his own incredible story. . While he was residing in Red Wing, Minn., learning how to build guitars, he attended a party at a classmate’s house. In the kitchen, the party host left two chisels so people could carve messages and drawings into the table. . “One guy’s gesticulating wildly with one of the chisels … The blade flies out of the handle and through a dude’s earlobe on the other side of the table and just dangles there.” . Thankfully it hit his earlobe and not something worse!. Many users have also shared their own “one in a million” stories. User Mark Bowling used Piper’s prompt to share how he accidentally saved his dad’s life. Bowling wasn’t supposed to be born on the day he was born. . “My dad, the day that I was born, he had to cancel work and the day that he had to cancel work, he had a security meeting on the 101st floor of tower 1 of the Twin Towers,” Bowling explained. “I was born on Sept. 11, 2001.”. Another user who goes by @joeydoesntsharefo0d revealed that they survived 6 hours of carbon monoxide exposure