One of London's Most Regal Hotels Is Offering a 'Bridgerton' Tea Experience

Just please don't spill any secrets you hear over tea to Lady Whistledown.

<p>Courtesy of The Lanesborough</p>

Courtesy of The Lanesborough

British royals are having a real moment. Both real and fictional.

The actual United Kingdom is getting a new official king this weekend, which is, without question, huge news. However, the fictional Queen Charlotte in Netflix’s Bridgerton also got her own spin-off today, which has people almost as equally as excited. And that includes The Lanesborough, one of London’s most regal hotels, which is launching an afternoon tea in her honor.

Starting today, May 4, guests and the public alike can book the limited-edition tea service set in the hotel’s positively royal dining room, which comes with gorgeous natural light streaming in from the glass-domed roof and is further illuminated by glittering chandeliers.

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According to a statement provided to Food & Wine, guests can choose from a variety of Signature Teas, including the specially made Queen Charlotte blend, which the hotel describes as a “delightful floral and black tea blend … characterized by deliciously sweet notes of fruit and rose petals, making for a wonderful afternoon treat.” Of course, guests can also sip on the Lanesborough’s Breakfast Tea or other black, green, and herbal teas, too.

<p>Courtesy of The Lanesborough</p>

Courtesy of The Lanesborough

The teas are paired with tasty treats created by the hotel’s head pastry chef, Salvatore Mungiovino, including finger sandwiches, scones, cream, and jam. Mungiovino has also curated a cake and sweet treat concept with four signature highlights, including the “Your Majesty,” a strawberry-scented creme bavaroise with an orange gel, almond base, and sprayed with red chocolate, the “King George Dreams of Venus,” a sweet treat made of 54% chocolate mousse, jasmine-infused dark chocolate ganache, coca sable, and glazed on blue and white and universal stars. There’s also the “Lady Violet,” a chocolate bavaroise with mango compote and lime chantilly, and the “Danbury Delight,” a dessert made of berriolette pistachio gateaux with a vanilla whipped ganache. The special Afternoon Tea begins at $94 (£75) per person. 

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