One of the Largest Collections of Disney Theme Park Memorabilia Ever Assembled Is up for Auction

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Heritage Auctions Disney Theme Park Memorabilia
Heritage Auctions Disney Theme Park Memorabilia

Heritage Auctions

Want to make your home the happiest place on earth? Well, here's your chance! From a seven-foot statue of Mickey Mouse to Walt Disney's personal backyard railroad, one of the largest collections of Disney theme park memorabilia ever assembled is on the auction block in Dallas.

All told, roughly 800 pieces of Disney history spanning six decades of magic are currently available through Heritage Auctions' The Art of the Disney Theme Park & Disney Storybook Art auction event.

"The nostalgia for Disney theme parks is something that unites generations of fans," Jim Lentz, Vice President of Animation at Heritage, said in a news release. "More than vacation memories, the power of nostalgia is in its ability to capture the energy and emotion of a time and place. While Disneyland and Walt Disney World are ever-changing, the memorabilia of those earlier times are tangible touchpoints to the past—a way to celebrate its history and preserve those memories."

The offerings from Walt Disney World range from the iconic oversized map of the Walt Disney World Resort that was displayed in rooms at the Contemporary Resort and Polynesian Resort in the 1970s, to a construction sign teasing the coming of a new Tomorrowland in 1994.

"Among my favorite pieces are from the quieter corners of Walt Disney World, such as the silkscreened restaurant posters from the Contemporary Resort in the 1980s," Lentz said. "Some of these places were around for a year, some for a decade, but they're all remembered here and the post-modern graphics that Disney's sign shop utilized are amazingly fun to look back at."

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The auction also includes rare memorabilia from Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney Cruise Line, and even the Disney Store.

"The tremendous surge in interest in this collecting area far outpaces the extremely limited supply," Lentz noted. "So many of these are one-of-a-kind artifacts, and we are honored and excited to not only bring these lots together but to take collectors on a journey through the history of the Disney theme parks."

The live, online auction runs through Saturday, April 10.