A One-of-a-Kind Mark Zuckerberg Little League Baseball Card Is Headed to Auction

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ComicConnect has just come across a very unique one-of-a-king collectible card. The card is question is a signed 1992 little league baseball card of Facebook/META founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The card is the property of Mark Zuckerberg's camp counselor, Allie Tarantino, from over 30 years ago. Tarantino was gifted the card during camp and asked Zuckerberg to sign it as a playful gesture. Tarantino comments, "Mark was one of my campers and one day he came in with this card and gave it to me — I was stunned that he was on it! I had never seen a Little League baseball card before, so I asked him to sign it for me. I never could have guessed what amazing things he would do!"

"I’ve been telling this story for quite a while, about how I knew Mark as a camper, and it always astonishes people to see that this card actually exists. But I feel that my part of the story is over, so due to Mark’s prominence in the tech world, and the fact that he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, I figure now is a good time to sell this card and put it on market," said Tarantino.

This card is backed by documentation, photos of Tarantino next to Zuckerberg, and has been graded "A" by SGC. A component of this card sale is that it will be auctioned off alongside a digital NFT version. Head over to ComicConnect to watch the full interview with Tarantino.

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