The One Common Blush Mistake Pro MUAs Warn Will Instantly Age You


When it comes to near magical makeup tools, eyeliner and mascara get a whole lot of hype (which they definitely deserve) and lipstick is everyone’s go-to favorite for giving your face instant color and life. But have you considered the instantaneous glow that a bit of well-placed blush in the perfect shade for your skin tone can do to lift your cheeks and spirits? In a word, blush can be beautiful. It can also be an economical product, one that comes in all price points and formulas that range from creams and gels to powders, which makes them perfect for suiting any and all skin types. 

But, unlike lipstick, there are a few tricks of the trade that are good to follow if you want your blush to work for you and not against you. As we age it becomes even more of a challenge to apply blush well, but Ghanima Abdullah, a cosmetologist at, offers clarity on the one common blush mistake that many makeup experts agree can instantly age you. Keep reading to make the most of blush and avoid the most common application pitfalls. 

Mistake: You’re Choosing The Wrong Shades 

You may have never realized there are so many shades of pink or coral — until you accidentally purchased blush shades that simply don’t work for your skin tone. According to Abdullah, choosing the wrong blush shades is one of the worst mistakes you can make that can instantly age you. But it’s also a problem that’s easier than most to correct. 

“Avoid blush in dark colors like purple and brown,” Abdullah said. “If your skin is not as bright as it once was, these colors can make it look like you’ve suffered some violence. Stay with peaches and pinks.”

When in doubt, choose shades that complement your undertone, whether you’re a warm, cool, or neutral.

Where is blush placed?

Blush placement is also key for a flawless and fresh look. “There are a lot of ways to apply blush. It’s typically placed in the area of skin that’s slightly darker than your cheekbones, then brought up to cover your cheekbones a third of the way or half of the way,” Abdullah said. “This way, the blush lifts the cheeks, which is an important feature of blush when you’re aging and your face needs a slight lift.”

What are better ways to apply blush for a fresher look?

The latest blush trend is called the “I’m cold” look — and it’s actually flattering for women of all ages, according to Abdullah. “Apply your blush directly on your cheekbones, then lightly dust the bridge of your nose in the same horizontal area,” Abdullah said. “Visibility shifts to the center of the face, making smile lines less noticeable.”