Olympian Lolo Jones, 39, celebrates her 'midlife crisis' in a series of sexy poolside pics: ‘Next year I’ll be wearing mom jeans’

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If this is what a midlife crisis looks like, sign me up!

Three-time Olympian and reality star Lolo Jones took to Instagram in a sexy backless swimsuit with drooping chains to celebrate turning 39.

“My last year in my 30s,” the athlete wrote, “so here’s me posting a bunch of thirst traps because I’m having a mid life crisis. Next year I’ll be wearing mom jeans and driving a mini van.”

Fans enthusiastically weighed in on her thirst traps with cheers and fire emojis. 

"Lookin better than lots of 20 year olds ive seen," one commenter wrote. 

"SLAYING THE GAME!!" another said. 

"Ummmm speechless," posted someone else. 

"You're hot, minivans are sexy," Diplo wrote.

In recent years, Jones has used her platform to celebrate the wins and losses of life, inspiring people to turn their pain into purpose.

“You can be nervous and have a lot of anxiety, but you still have that anxiety, even if you're not overcoming a fear,” Jones recently told Yahoo Life. “You can get those sweaty palms and armpits, or your heart starts racing — and that's not even looking your fear in the eye and overcoming it. So you might as well just take the next step.”

Of course, Jones has certainly endured her share of setbacks.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she fell behind to seventh place. But, in hindsight, it ultimately taught her incredible lessons about overcoming self-doubt by never letting loss define her worth.

“If most people experience a failure, it can break them,” she told Yahoo Life. “But my biggest failures motivate me. I use the negative things to add fuel to my fire — whether that was losing a race and coming up short, even people teasing me, mocking me and having trolls on social media. So I've always used that as fuel for the fire.”