OLED TV Prices Are Dropping! We’ll Help You Find the Best One for Your Setup

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Now Is the Time to Upgrade to an OLED TVBest Products; Courtesy LG

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There's no doubt about it — TVs with OLED display panels have the best picture quality in the business. OLED panels, which have more vibrant colors and superior contrast than conventional LCD displays, give these TVs unique capabilities, making them ideal for viewing HDR-enhanced content with punchier colors and more dramatic contrast.

Once priced out of reach for many consumers, these cutting-edge home entertainment products have become more affordable than ever. Highly rated offerings from LG — the premier hardware maker in this field — rock price tags that start below $1,000 before any additional deals and discounts.

There's never been a better time to make the jump to infinite contrast and captivating colors. To determine the best OLED TV worth buying, we combed through the entire lineup of 2022 OLEDs from LG, Samsung, and Sony.


What to Consider

Display Quality

Any OLED TV will produce captivating colors and infinite contrast regardless of price. However, depending on your home setup and budget, you should look for essential features like screen reflectivity and maximum brightness, which are necessary for delivering a stellar viewing experience in spaces with brighter lighting.

Thankfully, you no longer need to break the bank to get a high-quality OLED TV for brightly lit spaces. For example, our top pick from LG features screen tech for enhanced brightness, previously only available in pricier products. Regarding pricing, spending more on an OLED TV will inevitably get you superior brightness and lower reflectivity than lower-priced options with the same screen size.

There’s no need to fret over brightness and reflectivity if you're shopping for an OLED TV on a tight budget — these products are also stellar. From personal experience, I’d only suggest you ensure windows and light sources don’t directly reflect in such units during installation.

Screen Size

The display size of any TV is directly tied to its sticker, and OLED units are no exception. For this guide, we focused our research on 55-inch TVs, as they offer a good balance between entertainment capabilities. Versions of the same product with a 65-inch panel — a great option for at-home cinematic viewing — cost more, but the difference is not staggering (by OLED TV standards).

Upping the screen diagonal to 77 inches and above significantly increases the products’ pricing. Prepare to spend big if you are considering a high-end OLED TV.

On the other hand, OLED TVs with smaller display panels are considerably cheaper than 55-inch units and ideal for small spaces. Just be mindful that they might lack the display technology and the overall capabilities of the bigger units.


A must for making the most out of today’s best gaming consoles, HDMI 2.1 is available on every OLED TV we selected. Each appliance has multiple inputs, so you won’t be lacking in versatility. USB inputs are also available on all products.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, every OLED TV on our list has onboard Wi-Fi, so you can begin streaming content the moment you set it up. Depending on your specific preferences, look for Apple AirPlay support for seamless content sharing from iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and Google Chromecast for linking to Android phones.


Every TV on our list delivers an impressive sonic experience, especially considering their elegant design and slim form factor. However, I highly recommend you pair your OLED TV with a soundbar for a powerful sound worthy of its enchanting screen.

Smart Home Integration

Impressively, the smart platforms of today’s best OLED TVs bring access to all streaming services and excellent connected home integration. You can seamlessly integrate the entertainment centerpiece into your existing Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home setup.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead and forever transform your home entertainment with one of these thoroughly researched OLED TVs.

Best Overall

LG’s C2 OLED TV is the best for most consumers, offering an amalgam of elegant design, outstanding picture quality, and a feature-rich platform at an incredibly agreeable price. Remarkably, the latter hovers below $1,400 for a 55-inch version and below $1,800 for a C2 with a 65-inch, meaning that you no longer need to break the bank to have the best TV in the business. Until not too long ago, you’d have to drop thousands more to get remotely close to such quality and performance.

Integrating LG’s evo OLED screen tech is the most critical improvement the C2 Series TVs bring over the excellent C1 lineup. The groundbreaking functionality debuted alongside the LG G1 Series of OLED TVs in 2021, bringing higher maximum brightness for an even more captivating onscreen experience. I tip my hat to LG for bringing evo OLED screens to a lower price tier.

In addition to producing fantastic picture quality, the LG C2 is a legit gaming monitor, thanks to onboard HDMI 2.1 and support for NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync tech for smooth gameplay. Better yet, the TV’s platform supports NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming, so you only need a subscription and a wireless controller to get started.


The BRAVIA XR A80K Series OLED TV by Sony is a solid alternative to our top pick with amazing picture quality, a just-as-agreeable price point, and equally impeccable brand credentials. You can order the TV with up to a 77-inch display panel.

Compared to the LG C2 Series, the XR A80K has a display panel that’s not as bright but noticeably less reflective. Depending on where you place the TV in your home (e.g., in a darker room away from windows), the last-mentioned quality can be a fair tradeoff for the lower maximum brightness.

Sony’s OLED TV also has a multiposition stand that can adjust its footprint depending on your needs. Regarding gaming, the product is unsurprisingly a better PlayStation 5 sidekick, whose exclusive features include the ability to adjust the picture quality and the HDR performance based on the title you are playing. However, the LG C2 supports FreeSync Premium and G-Sync tech for next-level PC and Xbox gameplay.

Powered by Google TV, the Sony BRAVIA XR A80K Series has a feature-rich platform with onboard Google Assistant integration. The TV is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

Best Budget

With a sub-$1,000 sticker for a 55-inch version, the LG B2 Series is the best OLED TV for budget-conscious buyers looking for uncompromisingly excellent picture quality. That’s an incredible feat, as older iterations of the product cost considerably more back in the day. You can order the B2 with up to a 77-inch screen.

The B2 has a similar design as the LG C2, with slightly more prominent display bezels. Its display panel lacks evo OLED tech, so it’s not as bright. The TV’s onboard processor is also a generation behind the C2’s, and so is the number of USB ports it has (three vs. two). Save for the lower maximum brightness that can affect the viewing experience in bright spaces, the other differences are pretty insignificant.

Regarding gaming, the LG B2 Series is just as capable as the LG C2. The lower-priced TV can pair perfectly with today’s high-powered consoles, as well as double as a cloud gaming platform. Its webOS platform is just as capable, offering Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit integration.

Consider the entry-level LG A2 Series OLED TV if you are looking for vibrant colors on a tighter budget. Its screen refresh rate tops out at 60 Hz, but it costs less than the B2.

Best Picture Quality

Sony’s BRAVIA XR A95K is considerably more expensive than its 4K rivals, sporting a price tag that’s close to $3,000 for a version with a 55-inch screen. However, its OLED display panel has Quantum Dot technology, allowing it to deliver more vibrant colors and higher brightness with HDR-enhanced content. This makes viewing enhanced cinematic content (there are tons of it across all major platforms) an unforgettable experience.

Another impressive feature? The TV’s invisible stand makes it looks like it’s standing on its own. The A95K also produces an excellent sonic experience by leveraging its screen as an acoustic surface via built-in actuators. Having said that, this is the 4K OLED TV to get if your budget has no restrictions.

In a manner befitting its price point, the Sony BRAVIA XR A95K is also an excellent gaming display, especially when paired with a Sony PlayStation 5. Its Google TV platform brings a great selection of apps and access to all streaming services with outstanding smart home integration. Thanks to a bundled BRAVIA camera, the TV can also double as a tool for video chats.

The TV is available with up to a 65-inch display panel. The big-screen version is costlier but even more captivating.

Most Vibrant Colors

The Samsung S95B Series 4K OLED TV is an exciting new addition to a product category dominated by LG and Sony products. Available with a 55- or 65-inch display panel, the TV has an impressively bright screen and a sophisticated processor. Combined, the hardware components deliver a superb viewing experience with rich colors and incredible brightness.

Compared to other OLED TVs in its price range, the Samsung S95B deserves your attention for delivering stellar picture quality in spaces with brighter lighting. On the other hand, its minimalist remote with a rechargeable battery (via USB-C) makes those of its rivals look dated in comparison.

However, you should be mindful that the product doesn’t support Dolby Vision-enhanced HDR content. Content that fully meets the HDR10+ standard is not as commonly available, so you won’t be able to make the most of your TV’s capabilities — you’ll get a lower-grade HDR10 viewing instead.

Samsung’s Tizen platform on the S95B Series TV is feature-rich and intuitive. Its gaming performance is unsurprisingly top-notch, especially for Xbox consoles. You can even enjoy cloud gaming via Microsoft Xbox Game Pass.

Best for Wall-Mounting

The LG G2 Series OLED TV is the best option for wall mounting. It has a minimalist design, which will leave virtually no gap when mounted. It can also double as a high-tech wall decoration by displaying digital art when you're not watching TV.

When it comes to picture quality, available features, and connected home integration, the LG G2 is very similar to our top pick from the same maker. Its bright display panel with LG evo OLED tech delivers beautiful colors and excellent brightness. The product’s gaming performance with consoles and PC is also exceptional.

You should be mindful that the TV only comes with a flush mount for wall installation. You can purchase a standard base, or a gallery floor stand if you want to use it in a more conventional setup. The floor stand is gorgeous but also pricey.

LG offers the TV with up to a head-spinning 97-inch screen, and a 5-year warranty covers every display panel. The giant screen option costs as much as a good car, so it is undeniably expensive. However, if budget permits, it can transform a large indoor space into a full-blown movie theater.


The LG Z2 Series OLED TV has an 8K resolution, so it packs four times more pixels than any other entry. Packing tens of millions of individually backlit dots allows the product to deliver a viewing experience with unmatched levels of detail, so long as you have access to 8K content. Video with such a high resolution is yet to become commonly available, so The LG Z2 Series TV is strictly reserved for upgraders with unlimited budgets.

Thankfully, the LG Z2 can wring more detail out of standard 4K content via a sophisticated upscaling engine — but I wouldn’t rely too much on this feature to dramatically alter the 4K viewing experience, as it works best with native 8K content.

Resolution aside, the LG Z2 Series OLED TV has the same platform and rich set of features as its lower-priced siblings. The TV is also an excellent option for maxing out the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X consoles. Support for cloud-based gameplay is also on board.

LG offers a version of the product with an even more imposing 88-inch screen and an excellent floor stand. However, its sticker that’s a few dollars shy of $25,000 makes the 77-inch option listed here seem like a much more reasonable buy.

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