Okay, I'll Be Honest: Literally Every Single One Of These Pictures Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Month

1.The difference between $5,000 in gold and $5,000 in silver is very, very noticeable:

A small block of gold versus three 100-ounce fine-silver stacks
u/thebigchil73 / Via reddit.com

2.Earth will be home to 8 billion people by the middle of November:

Current world population: 7,985,252,406; births this year: 117,196,831; deaths this year: 49,202,037

3.This is how big Ukraine is compared with the United States:

Ukraine compared to the US — it fits into the area between Chicago, West Virginia, New York, and Toronto

4.This is what the homepage of Amazon.com looked like in 1995:

Plain text on a gray background, with main headline: "Welcome to Amazon com Books!" subhead: "One million titles, consistently low prices," and underlined headings such as "Spotlight!" and "One Million Titles"
u/SarahTonein / Via reddit.com

5.The Great Sphinx of Giza...has a tail!!!

The back of the Great Sphinx of Giza

Ain't that neat.

Janek / Getty Images/iStockphoto

6.This is what the iceberg that sank the Titanic looked like after being hit:

Black-and-white photo of an iceberg
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

7.This is how thick one of the cables holding up the Golden Gate Bridge is:

A very wide Golden Gate Bridge cable and fog in the background with a sign giving stats, including "Length of one cable, 3,650 feet, diameter of one cable: 36 3/8 inches"
Valerie Loiseleux / Getty Images/iStockphoto

8.This is what a peeled lime looks like:

Three small pieces of peeled lime and pieces of rind on the side
u/gcxcminer / Via reddit.com

9.This lil' fella here is a baby flamingo:

A baby flamingo
Picture Alliance / Picture Alliance via Getty Images

10.This is what a dollar bill looked like in 1917:

A dollar bill with different images and typefaces used, red ink used for the serial numbers and seal, and no numeral 1s in each corner, although George Washington is still in the center
u/swingingfloob / Via reddit.com

11.Hammerhead sharks look absolutely terrifying in X-ray form:

X-ray of a hammerhead shark, with a very wide skull with eyes at either end
Adam Summers / Via adamsummers.org

12.Speaking of terrifying, this is what an X-ray of a pregnant dog looks like:

X-ray of a pregnant dog showing skeletons of many puppies

My goodness.

Agency-animal-picture / Getty Images

13.This is what the US–Canada border looks like in Idaho:

A thin strip amid a forest of trees on a hilll
u/TK2483 / Via reddit.com

14.And this is what it looks like in Washington state:

Two poles in the ground separating the US from Canada, with people sitting on the grass on the Canadian side
u/DrFetusRN / Via reddit.com

15.This man, Paul Karason, had his skin turn permanently blue after spending years ingesting colloidal silver:

Closeup of Paul Karason

He claimed that it cured many of his health problems, including arthritis and acid reflux.

NBC Newswire / NBC Newswire / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

16.This right here is Vincent van Gogh's painting palette:

A palette with swathes of different-colored paint


Photo Josse / Corbis via Getty Images

17.This is what olive oil looks like after it's pressed from olives:

Thick, lime-green liquid being poured into a vat

And before it looks like the delicious oil we all know and love.

Rudolph Kelly / Getty Images/EyeEm

18.This is what a living sand dollar looks like compared with a dead one:

A large, brown, flat circular sea urchin and a smaller, white one with small slits
u/MisterBuzz / Via reddit.com

19.French fries, my boy, well, french fries can be very, very long:

An 8-inch skinny french fry extending from the inside of a person's elbow onto their forearm
u/000000luna / Via reddit.com

20.And bananas, my boy, well, bananas can be very tiny:

A mini banana half peeled
u/burgergloo / Via reddit.com

21.This right here is a vaquita, one of the most endangered animals in the world:

A porpoise-looking animal half submerged in the ocean

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "less than 20 vaquitas remain in the wild."

NOAA Fisheries

22.Bottles of soda look adorable before they get blown up with compressed air:

Small tubes in the palm of a hand
u/Altruistic_Jicama604 / Via reddit.com

23.Marisa Tomei's name can do amazing things:

"Marisa Tomei" as an anagram for "It's-a me, Mario"
u/redditordeaditor6789 / Via reddit.com

24.This is what first class on a plane in 1960 looked like:

Black-and-white photo of people sitting in what looks more like a living room, with plush, far-apart seats, and a flight attendant walking down a winding staircase
Marka / Touring Club Italiano / Marka / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

25.The inside of a pine cone makes me somewhat uncomfortable:

What look like hollow bones or even eyes inside the pine cone
u/MrBonelessPizza24 / Via reddit.com

26.The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is shrinking:

Side-by-side of Jupiter at different times, in December 1973 and June 2019, with the red spot looking smaller in 2019

According to NASA, "Some unknown activity in the planet's atmosphere may be draining energy and weakening the storm, causing it to shrink."


27.This is what the steering wheel of an F1 race car looks like:

A race car steering wheel that looks like a very intense video game controller

Looks simple enough.

u/headph0neguy / Via reddit.com

28.The Mars rovers are way, way bigger than you thought they were:

A woman standing next to a Mars rover, which is higher than she is

This is the Perseverance rover. It's not a little RC car!

Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images

29.This is what Albert Einstein's desk looked like the day he died:

Black-and-white photo of a messy desk covered in papers and journals, with a blackboard behind it with lots of writing, and shelves of journals, notepads, and books on either side
New York Daily News Archive / New York Daily News via Getty Images

30.And this is what a 3-year-old Albert Einstein looked like:

A young child with lace-up ankle boots, a long button-down top with a ribbon tie, skirt and short pants, and a jacket
Apic / Getty Images

31.This right here is a 70 million–year–old imprint of dinosaur skin:

A raised, rough, dry surface

Specifically, a duck-billed dinosaur.

Bernard Weil / Toronto Star via Getty Images

32.The barcode was apparently invented in North Carolina:

Framed plaque/sign saying the barcode was created in that building at 2020 Yonkers Road in Raleigh, NC, by IBM engineers and announced to the world on April 3, 1973, by the ad hoc industry committee of grocery manufacturers and retailers
u/HalfBeatingHeart / Via reddit.com

33.This is how big a blue whale's heart is compared with a human being:

A blue whale heart is taller and wider than an adult male human being

That right there is a real-deal, plastinated whale heart, too. Not a model.

Picture Alliance / Picture Alliance via Getty Images

34.This is what it looks like when you take the metal top off a gas stove:

Four tall flames emerging from the burners
u/EleclCtriC / Via reddit.com

35.CGI has come a long, long way:

Toy Story in 1999 vs Toy Story 3 in 2010, with a far more lifelike and detailed dog
Disney / Pixar

36.The presidents on Mount Rushmore were originally planned to look like this:

Mock-up of Mount Rushmore showing Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln and their torsos and hands

Big, giant hands.

Vintage Images / Getty Images

37.This is what a polar bear's paw print looks like compared with a human handprint:

A polar bear paw print next to a much, much smaller handprint in the snow
US Fish and Wildlife Service / Via blm.gov

38.This is how giant Galápagos tortoises sleep:

A giant tortoise with its shell much higher than the head

That's a lot of tortoise.

u/twilling8 / Via reddit.com

39.In 1907, world-class swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for indecency after she wore a bathing suit like this one to Revere Beach in Massachusetts:

Annette Kellerman wearing a short-sleeved, thigh-length bodysuit and tights
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division

40.South Korea and Ireland are almost the same size, although South Korea has 10 times Ireland's population:

Side-by-side of South Korea and Ireland (with Northern Ireland)

Just thought it was interesting!

u/aaronhereee / Via reddit.com

41.McDonald's restaurants in France serve something called the McBaguette:

A baguette emerging from McDonald's packaging

It's basically two hamburger patties and all the classic toppings you'd expect on a baguette. What a world.

u/_ImpersonalJesus_ / Via reddit.com

42.Some vegan chicken wings have little wooden "bones" in them:

Someone holding a vegan chicken wing with the interior visible, showing a wooden bone
u/Capital_Actuator_404 / Via reddit.com

43.This is what a typhoon looks like from space:

A swirling typhoon from space

Specifically, Super Typhoon Maysak in 2015.

ESA / NASA / Samantha Cristoforetti

44.Pay phones still exist...and they take cards:

A Bell touch-tone public phone with options for credit cards
u/OG_Sequia / Via reddit.com

45.This beauty is Britain's oldest door, constructed almost 1,000 years ago, in the 1050s:

A very old wooden door

It's located in Westminster Abbey.

Prisma by Dukas / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

46.This is what a clear shot of the planet Mercury looks like:

Mercury in shades of blue and gray and gold

Although, to be clear, the colors shown here "are not what Mercury would look like to the human eye, but rather the colors enhance the chemical, mineralogical, and physical differences between the rocks that make up Mercury's surface," according to NASA.

NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington

47.This is what the inside of a wasp's nest looks like:

Inside of a wasp nest showing what looks like rows of honeycomb

Not unnerving at all.

u/bezododo / Via reddit.com

48.The Babybel cheese in France is GIGANTIC:

  u/Jackeeeng / Via reddit.com
u/Jackeeeng / Via reddit.com

49.This is what the skeleton of a python looks like:

A spiraling python skeleton with many ridges and what looks like a bejeweled spine

Very chill. Not terrifying at all.

Lbrix / Getty Images/iStockphoto

50.A lot of soda cans in Hawaii still have ridges at the top:

Close-up of a Dr Pepper can with ridges at the top

This is because of the plant they're made in.

u/Radio_Hawk / Via reddit.com

51.Los Angeles County is big. Really big:

A US map highlighting in blue all the states with populations smaller than LA County, and every state except Texas, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania is highlighted
u/darkman21 / Via reddit.com

52.These big fellas are Hercules beetles, one of the largest types of beetles in the world. They can also fly!

Two green-and-black speckled Hercules beetles, with thin, long horns, hanging on a person's arm and hand

53.After enough time, some gold crayons will turn green:

Gold crayons that have turned green
u/DiamondFlame / Via reddit.com

54.This 3,000-pound absolute unit is Lubber, the world's largest horse back in 1930:

A man standing next to a giant horse, with his entire body underneath the horse's head

Love you, Lubby.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

55.In 1962, three men escaped Alcatraz Island prison after fooling guards with papier-mâché decoy heads that looked like this:

Papier-mâché heads that don't look that realistic
San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

56.This is what's in your toothpaste:

A list that shows where each of the 11 ingredients comes from and what it does, ranging from calcium carbonate and glycerin to cellulose gum and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate
u/Oshcar / Via reddit.com

57.The top of a UPS truck isn't the same color as the rest of the truck:

An aerial view of a brown UPS showing the beige roof

This is to reflect heat.

u/Tonyxxbaloney / Via reddit.com

58.This man won a costume competition in 1894 while dressed as a piece of bacon:

A man dressed as a side of bacon and winning the Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball contest

Humans have always loved to dress up as super-random stuff.


59.Telephone linemen go to a special training school that looks like this:

People wearing helmets and perched at the tops of tall, thin poles in the ground
u/proffie / Via reddit.com

60.And finally, you know what the Germans call a Quarter Pounder With Cheese? A Royal Käse:

A McDonald's Hamburger Royal Käse container next to several bottles of water

Looks like a tasty burger.

u/jimmygooodman / Via reddit.com