My Little Dumb Brain Is Totally Blown After Seeing These 20 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time

1.The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is shrinking:

Side-by-side of Jupiter in different times

According the NASA, "Some unknown activity in the planet's atmosphere may be draining energy and weakening the storm, causing it to shrink."


2.This is what the steering wheel of an F1 race car looks like:

A race car steering wheel

Looks simple enough.

3.Some vegan chicken wings have little wooden "bones" in them:

A vegan chicken wing

4.This is what a typhoon looks like from space:

A typhoon from space

Specifically, Super Typhoon Maysak in 2015.

ESA/NASA/Samantha Cristoforetti

5.This is how giant Galapagos tortoises sleep:

A giant tortoise

That's a lot of tortoise.

6.South Korea and Ireland are almost the same size despite South Korea having ten times the population:

Side-by-side of South Korea and Ireland

Just thought it was interesting!

7.This beauty is Britain's oldest door, constructed almost 1,000 years ago in the 1050s:

An old wooden door

It's located in Westminster Abbey.

Prisma By Dukas / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

8.This is what the skeleton of a python looks like:

A python skeleton

Very chill. Not terrifying at all.

Lbrix / Getty Images/iStockphoto

9.This man won a costume competition in 1894 while dressed as a piece of bacon:

A man dressed as a side of bacon

Humans have always loved to dress up as super random stuff.

10.The Mars rovers are way, way bigger than you thought they were:

A woman standing next to a Mars rover

This is the Perseverance rover. It's not a little RC car!

Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images

11.The Statue of Liberty's head was on display in Paris before being sent to New York:

The Statue of Liberty's head
Hum Images / HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

12.These big fellahs are Hercules beetles, one of the largest types of beetle in the world. They can also fly!

A Hercules beetle

13.After enough time, some gold crayons will turn green:

Gold crayons that have turned green

14.A lot of soda cans in Hawaii still have ridges at the top:

Closeup of a Dr. Pepper can

This is because of the plant they're made in.

15.This is what the inside of a wasp's nest looks like:

Inside of a wasp nest

Not unnerving at all.

16.Back when people were so inclined to do so, this was one way to board and travel by blimp:

People boarding a blimp

Thanks, but no thanks.

Library Of Congress

17.This 3,000-pound absolute unit is Lubber, the world's largest horse back in 1930:

A man standing next to a giant horse

Love you, Lubby.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

18.This is what it looks like when a ferris wheel gets deconstructed and taken apart:

A deconstructed ferris wheel

19.This monstrosity is an octobass, a three-stringed instrument you play with a bow and a series of pedals:

A man playing an octobass

It sounds, well, like a bass.

Stephane / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

20.And finally, on April 19, 1997, you could see the movie Anaconda for $5:

A movie ticket stub

Good to know.