OK, so Chipotle is good at TikTok now?

Chipotle is drawing plenty of praise for its new behind-the-scenes recipe video. The fast-casual chain is going viral in a somewhat unexpected place: TikTok. The reason? It’s sharing the recipe for its famous cilantro-lime rice. In a video that’s racked up more than 6.7 million views in just four days, Chipotle filmed its employees preparing the dish. The mesmerizing — and slightly bizarre — clip shows just how simple the recipe is. the video seems to be going viral for another reason, too. The clip’s style, according to many commenters, is extremely TikTok. From its strange, auto-tuned backing music to its quick-cutting scenes, the video strongly resembles other types of videos that spread rapidly on the app. In fact, the recipe felt so on-brand that many said it had to have been made by a Gen Zer. “That moment when Chipotle really understands how to communicate with Gen Z,” another added. Others simply enjoyed the skillful branding, complimenting Chipotle on the clip’s style. “See Chipotle gets it,” one user wrote. “They know what’s up,” another added