Oh, Baby! 50 Celebrity-inspired Baby Names Predicted To Be Popular in 2023

These names are sure to make a splash in '23—thanks to the impact of celebs and pop culture.

Baby name trends always change but the one thing that doesn't is the influence celebrities have over the most popular baby names of the year. Celebrity-inspired baby names predicted to be popular in 2023 will undoubtedly reign supreme.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the top baby boy name of 2022 was Liam—adopted by both Tori Spelling and Colin Hanks—and the top baby girl name of 2022 was Olivia—likely inspired by Drew Barrymore and Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher who chose the similar name "Olive" for their respective baby girls.

But both baby name experts and the SSA have predictions about what will be popular in 2023 based on celebrity trends.

Keep reading for 50 celebrity-inspired baby names predicted to be popular in 2023.

50 Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names for 2023

1. Archie

The name of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first-born child isn't going anywhere in 2023, despite the little royal being born in 2019. Now three years old (with parents who are more vocal than ever about their post-Institution lives), "Archie" and variations like Archer are still going strong.

The name itself means "genuine," "bold" and "brave." It's a derivative of the original name, Archibald, but the nickname became a fan-favorite in and of itself.

2. Atlas

Actress Shay Mitchell shook up the celebrity baby name game when she named her daughter Atlas in 2019. A gender-neutral name, Atlas means "to carry" and in Greek mythology, refers to the Titan who holds the heavens and sky up on his shoulders. Some Greek texts also infer that it was Atlas who created astronomy.

Though Mitchell's baby girl is a toddler now, the name continues to rise in popularity and likely will in 2023 too.

3. Billie

With massive pop hits like "bad guy" and "Happier Than Ever," it should be no surprise that singer Billie Eilish is affecting the most popular celeb-inspired baby names of 2023. Gender-neutral and with a vintage feel, Billie is mostly popping up in girls' names lists. It was on the list of 100 most popular names for girls from 1928 to 1934, but now it's coming back with a vengeance.

Similar names likely to appear this year? Gender-neutral nicknames are having a moment, too. Think: Baylor, Quincy, and even Scottie.

No word if Eilish's brother and co-producer/songwriter Finneas will soon see his name on the celebrity-inspired baby name charts but that's a question to leave up to 2024.

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4. Bodhi

The baby name Bodhi is becoming super popular as more and more celebrities (and people in general) continue to embrace spirituality with the help of yoga, crystals and meditation.

But it's also a celebrity-inspired baby name, too. You've got Private Practice's Amy Brenneman, Cleaning Lady's Oliver Hudson, as well as Teresa Palmer and Megan Fox all picking the name Bodhi in recent years.

5. Cosmo

In a similar fashion to Atlas, Cosmo is another celestial celebrity-baby name expected to top the charts. Of course, millennials might be using the early aughts cartoon The Fairly OddParents as inspiration, but it's more likely that like Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost naming their son Cosmo has something to do with it.

According to Johansson, she named both her children—Cosmo and Rose—after flowers. "Cosmo is like, a really sweet little flower that comes in different shades of like, orange and yellow," she told Harper's Bazaar. "That's why my daughter liked it, too."

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6. Dutton

More on the pop culture side of things, the name Dutton is making a somewhat surprising debut on the charts. Obviously, the Paramount show starring Kevin Costner has a huge hand in this, as the fictional family's surname is Dutton.

Cowboy-inspired names undeniably made a comeback in 2022 and now in 2023, but we'd still categorize this one as celeb-inspired thanks to the overwhelming fandom Yellowstone has developed in its last five seasons.

7. Evander

Supported by the one-syllable nickname "Van," Evander is slowly easing its way into popularity. The most notable celeb named Evander is Evander Holyfield, a former American boxer, who also named his son Evander Jr. Some of his other children's names (he has 11 kids total!) are Elijah Elias, Eleazer Evan and Evette Ashley.

The name Evander means "bow warrior" and "strong, good man" in its Greek and Scottish heritage. As it slowly becomes more popular, this is one to watch for 2023.

8. Ezra

What first comes to mind (at least for us) is Ezra, the English teacher from Pretty Little Liars, but it's Ezra Jack Keats, Ezra Klein and actor Ezra Miller who are responsible for the name's rise.

Of Hebrew origin, the name is gender-neutral and means "help" or "protect."

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9. Graham

Graham—an old English word that means "grand home"—has long been a fan-favorite, ranking #161 in 2021 with more than 2,000 births resulting in this name. Most likely, we can thank model Ashley Graham's surname for inspiring this gender-neutral name that's predicted to make a splash in 2023.

10. Jolene

Thank you, Dolly Parton! The iconic singer's own name isn't one that's making celebrity-baby name lists for 2023 but her 1974 hit "Jolene" certainly is. With the song experiencing a renaissance in recent years, 682 baby girls were named Jolene in the year 2021. It's expected to keep gaining ground in 2023.

11. Koa

Perfect for both boys and girls, the name Koa means "warrior." It's been popular since about 2013 but athletes JJ Watt and Kealia Watt named their baby boy this in 2022, likely causing a spike. Celebrity choreographer Wade Robson—who famously worked with everyone from NSYNC to Britney Spears—also named his son Koa.

As far as its meaning, some translations include "warrior" or "valiant one" but it's also a type of tree native to Hawaii.

Other celebrity-inspired variations of Koa include Kaia Rose—born to Real Housewives star Kim Zolciak—Kai David—born to actress Parminder Nagra—and Kai Madison—Donald Trump Jr.'s daughter. Kai was also the name of a central character in the first season of White Lotus.

12. Leni

Made popular by model Heidi Klum, the name Leni has also been chosen by TV fitness coach Joe Wicks. Some baby name experts predict that in addition to Leni, similar names like Levy, Levi and Lenny will continue to climb the baby name charts in 2023.

13. Ocean

Another gender-neutral name (are you sensing a theme here?!), Ocean is more in demand than ever with reality TV star Lala Kent, as well as actors Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega using the Earth-inspired name for their children. In 2022, Ocean ranked #507 according to Baby Center and the SSA.

14. Wednesday

As the Netflix original Wednesdaystarring emerging actress Jenna Ortega—made a big impression at the tail-end of 2022, the name most notably associated with The Addams Family is predicted to make quite the impact in 2023.

But Ortega's not the only one affecting the popularity of the name. Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint welcomed a baby girl named Wednesday too.

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15. Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde continuously made headlines in 2022 for her relationship with singer Harry Styles and the debut of the film Don't Worry Darling, both of which were the topic of much conversation last year.

But last year, rapper Eve and her partner Maximillion Cooper named their first child together Wild Wolf Fife Alexander Somers Cooper. Though that celebrity baby name is quite a mouthful, it's the baby's first name—Wilde—that's worth paying attention to.

Alternative spellings of the name are expected to include Wild, Wylde and Wilder.

Celebrity-Inspired Baby Boy Names

16. Ace

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson named their baby boy Ace in 2013 and the name has only been growing in popularity since. The name itself means "unity," so it's the perfect boy name for parents who love names with meaning. In recent years, Ace has ranked at #156 but it's expected to rise higher up the charts in 2023.

17. Axel

Once #145 only a few years ago, Axel is now ranked at #75. Likely, celebs like Will Ferrell and Vivica Paulin are to thank, but also Fergie and Josh Duhamel, who named their child a variation of the name—Axl.

18. George

According to the SSA, George is now ranked #134. Certainly a regal name that has plenty of famous people to point to throughout history, George made higher appearances on baby name lists after Kate Middleton and Prince William chose this name for their firstborn.

19. Henry

Historically, the name Henry hasn't ever really gone away. It dropped ~a bit~ from the 50s to early 2000s, but it pretty much always remained at least somewhat popular. Right now it ranks #9 for boys and anyone who names their son Henry will follow in the footsteps of celebs like Colin FarrellJulia Roberts, Heidi Klum and Minnie Driver, who chose the name for their children.

20. Isaac

Yes, like Isaac Newton but also like Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry's firstborn son. Graham and her husband Justin Erwin also welcomed a son named Isaac Menelik Giovanni Erwin in 2020. Right now, it's ranked #40.

21. Jude

From Jude Law to the Beatles' iconic musical masterpiece "Hey Jude," this is a baby boy name that typically hovers somewhere in the top 150 from year to year. Martha Stewart also used the name years ago for her only daughter, but Jude is most often used as a baby boy's name.

22. Lincoln

The name Lincoln is most popular for baby boys—think Bill Murray's son and Lowry's second child. And though it ranks #45 on the baby names for boys list, let us not forget that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard also famously used this "L" name for their daughter in 2013.

23. Mateo

Making the top 15 in 2021, the Spanish form of Matthew means "gift of God" in Hebrew. In recent years, we've seen the titular character from Jane the Virgin name her baby boy Mateo, as well as actor Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino choose the name for their son, born in 2020. Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev also welcomed a baby boy named Matteo the same year.

24. Ozzie

Big since 2021, the baby boy name Ozzie isn't only reminiscent of the infamous rockstar of the same name. In 2022, Mandy Moore named her son Oscar with the intent of nicknaming him Ozzie, but you also might see alternative spellings of the name—like Ozzy—as well as a spike in other "O" names in '23.

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25. Romeo

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino welcomed his first child in 2021, naming the bouncing baby boy Romeo Reign. Right now it's #343 on the charts but it could be poised to really make a Shakespearean-esque comeback in 2023.

It also exemplifies an undeniable trend in celebrity baby name culture: royal names. Sorrentino's son's middle name—Reign—is also the first name of one of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's boys, but you also have Beyoncé and Jay-Z's son, Sir Carter, as well as royal girls' names like Nick Cannon's daughter, Powerful Queen, and Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty.

26. Sebastian

This name—which means "revered" or "venerable" in Latin—may make many think of the hilarious crab from The Little Mermaid, but it's having a renaissance that has nothing to do with the Disney movie. Anderson Cooper named his second son Sebastian in 2022 as did Wiz Khalifa. A cute nickname for this rather old-timey name? 'Bash.

27. Tru

Khloé Kardashian famously turned heads when she named her daughter True back in 2018. But despite the reality TV star using it for her baby girl, it was actually Kardashian's way of passing along her grandfather's namesake. Another variation that appears on the SSA name list is Truett.

28. Win

The name Win might make you think of girls' names like Winnie (more on that below) or Winifred or boys' names like Edwin or Winston, but Ciara and Russell Wilson launched the three-letter name into the celebrity baby name zeitgeist in 2020. After all, Ciara's NFL star hubby is no stranger to win-ning. So, who says Win can only be a nickname for a longer name? Certainly not this celebrity power couple.

29. Wolf

If you're thinking the spike in popularity for the boys' name Wolf solely has to do with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announcing their son's name as Wolf and then retracting it, take a look at this long list of celebs who have also incorporated it as either a first or middle name: Zoey Deschanel (in 2017), Lauren Conrad, Jason Momoa, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen.

30. Ziggy

What was once perhaps thought of as a popular pet name, Ziggy seems to be getting some traction amongst baby boys in the wake of Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson using this name for their second child together. Ziggy Blu Ross' first name is predicted to make an impact this year—though it hasn't appeared on the list yet.

31. Zion

Of Hebrew origin, Zion means "the highest point," which makes perfect sense when you think of Zion National Park in Utah (which coincidentally has also been rising as a hot spot to visit in recent years). Well, it's the same story with Zion as a name.

As far back as 1997, Lauryn Hill named her son Zion and more recently, Zion Williamson—the New Orleans Pelicans power forward stirring up the NBA—has put the name back into the forefront of people's minds.

This year, it looks like Zion is dangerously close to breaking through to the top 100 for boys' names in the U.S.

Celebrity-Inspired Baby Girl Names

32. Ava

The #5 baby girl name as recently as 2021, Ava has been popular for ages. In recent years, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Riberio and his wife Angela named their daughter Ava. Other celebs with daughters named Ava include Heather Locklear, Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman and Jeremy Renner.

33. Bluesy

What once would have been immediately associated with the children's show Blue's Clues (or maybe even the current-favorite Bluey) is now popping up again and again—and in a serious way, not an ironic one. We got Blue Ivy Carter in 2012 butt here have been other variations of the name prior to the Carters' firstborn too: Cher has a son named Elijah Blue, Alicia Silverstone has a son named Bear Blu, and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and John Travolta both have daughters named Bluebell and Ella Bleu, respectively.

Though, historically, many celebs have opted for a variation of "blue" as a middle name, it's predicted to take center stage in the future. After all, Glee star Darren Criss recently welcomed a daughter named Bluesy Belle in 2022. So, yes—the name is here to stay—particularly for girls.

34. Brooklyn

Though most famously popularized by David and Victoria Beckham's now 23-year-old (and married!) son, Brooklyn is much more favored as a girls' name in terms of popularity. Most recently, it ranked #26 in girls' baby names.

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35. Cielo

In keeping with the recent tradition of naming babies after a color, Michael Bublé had a daughter named Cielo in 2022. On its own, Cielo is the name of a hair color brand, but it no doubt is derivative of cerulean—a shade of blue associated with the sky.

36. Daisy

Flower-inspired names are likely to dominate in 2023, especially since floral names have been trending for a few years now. Most notable of these is Daisy, pioneered by Wilde in 2016 and then Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom more recently.

Other floral baby girl names include Jamie Oliver's three daughters— Poppy Honey Rosie, Petal Blossom Rainbow, and of course, Daisy Boo Pamela—Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis' daughter—Lily-Rose—and Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's daughter, Briar Rose.

37. Della

Often short for girls' names like Delaney, Delilah or Adeline, Della recently entered the top 1,000 and it's likely in part due to Adele as well as Survivor stars Sierra Dawn and Joe Anglim, who chose this name for their daughter in 2021.

38. Harper

Speaking of the Beckhams, the power couple also opted for another now-popular baby girl's name: Harper. It's been inching toward the #1 spot since 2004 and in that time frame, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, Bill Hader, Jenna Fischer, and Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson have also chosen the name.

39. Lili

Of course, we've got Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart, who shares this name's exact spelling, but it's undoubtedly Markle and Prince Harry's choice to name their daughter Lilibet "Lili" Diana in 2021.

40. Lovely

Brown was pretty ahead of the curve in adopting royal names when he welcomed his first child in 2014, a daughter literally named Royalty. But the singer also has two other children including a daughter named Lovely Symphani, who was born in 2022.

41. Mirabel

It's not a celebrity we have to thank for the popularity of the name Mirabel—although one could argue that Lin-Manuel Miranda would be the person to pin it on—but rather, the Disney musical Encanto. Though Bruno may have been the talk of the town in 2021—a la "We Don't Talk About Bruno"—it's actually the name of the protagonist, Mirabel, that's predicted to explode. It's just an added bonus that the name so happens to mean "wonderful."

42. Olive

In 2021, the baby girl name Olive ranked #182—its highest ranking since the 1920s. The similarly-sounding Olivia may be the #1 name for girls, but Olive is still trucking along. Celebs participating in the trend include Fisher and Cohen and Barrymore, so, it's expected to take off.

43. Nori

Heads everywhere surely turned when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their first-born North in 2013. But in addition to introducing the name, the couple also announced their intended moniker for their daughter: Nori. While no other celebrities have chosen North or Nori since then (at least, none we know about), Nori is still expected to move up the list.

Sure, it's a bit puzzling that nearly a decade later, it's gaining popularity now, but it's likely because four-letter names ending in "i" are considered zippy and coveted right now. It also doesn't hurt that Kardashians fans are probably of age now, starting their own families. Perhaps millennial parents have been sitting on this name for a while now and it's finally time...

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44. Rani

Remember—four-letter names that end in "i" have main character energy right now. Rani is no different. For celebrity inspiration, there's Disney Channel child star Rani Rodriguez and then Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa, who chose the name for their daughter in 2018.

Similar-sounding, four-letter names also expected to excel in 2023 include Rumi, Remi, Bibi and Gigi.

45. Rome

Pretty Little Liars alum Mitchell got attention with the baby name Atlas when she chose it for her first, but she's once again inspiring parents everywhere after naming her second daughter Rome. Another four-letter girl's name, it very obviously may appeal to any parents who honeymooned or conceived in Italy. Molto buono!

46. Rumi

Already mentioned above, Rumi is predicted to (at the very least) enter the top 1,000 this year and will likely gain more traction in the foreseeable future. The Carters—whose other baby names are also climbing—likely have no small influence over this. Every name they choose for their kids seems to blow up!

47. Storm

Storm has historically been a boys' name—with it peaking in popularity back in 1997—but with the addition of Jenner and Scott's first-born daughter, Stormi, and the uptick in weather- and Earth-inspired names (Ocean, Luna, Rainbow, Summer Rain, River Rose, Bear, Sparrow, Forest, Birdie) it's high time for Storm (without the quizzical "i" ending) to have its moment.

48. Tallulah

Also the title of an indie film starring Elliott Page and Allison Janey, this girl's name has gotten celebrity treatment from parents like Patrick Dempsey, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and fashion designer Rachel Roy.

49. Violet

At first, the name Violet evokes the color purple—often considered the hue of royalty. But the girl name also has deep roots in celebrity baby name culture as well. Just look to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Dave Grohl, Christina Milian, and Poppy Montgomery for proof—all of whom named their girls Violet.

50. Winnie

Back in 2013, Saturday Night Live alum and talk show host Jimmy Fallon named his daughter Winnie. Since then, it's been ascending in popularity. (Um, hello, Winnie Harlow!) Saffron Burrows and Alison Balian used it for their daughter's middle name and it can even be a derivative of or used as a nickname for Wednesday.

Next up, unique baby names for parents who think outside of the box.