Offset buys daughter Kulture a Birkin bag for her 2nd birthday

Baby’s first Birkin!

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  • Electric car company’s design reinvents the wheel

    A new Tel Aviv-based company claims they’ve revolutionized how electric vehicles are made. Most automobiles are limited in design because the model must include certain functional parts — but a Ree electric vehicle is highly streamlined. Ree CEO and co-founder Daniel Barel wanted modern electric cars to be free from the architectural burdens of yesterday’s gas-guzzlers.

  • A pregnant woman claims she found out her baby's sex while randonauting

    A pregnant woman is going viral after sharing the “incredible” message she received when she asked an app about her unborn baby. Posting as eskimo111695 on Reddit, she explained how she used the popular Randonautica app to ask a question about her child. The Redditor used her intention to ask the app whether she’s having a boy or a girl. The app gave eskimo111695 a set of coordinates right near “Delilah Circle,” a road that matched one of her proposed girl’s names. Eskimo111695 took the strange coincidence as a sign that she was in fact having a girl. It’s unclear if that’s true, but it seems like the mom-to-be has plenty to think about in the meantime

  • Uber driver passes his boating test after taking real-life Mrs. Puff for a ride

    Andrew Vasquez, an Uber driver also known as andrewvasquez017 on TikTok. shared a video of a celebrity passenger he once drove home — . Mary Jo Catlett, the actress who voiced Mrs. Puff on “SpongeBob SquarePants”. On the Nickelodeon TV show, Mrs. Puff serves as the long-suffering boating instructor for the zany main character, SpongeBob. “Andrew is a wonderful driver, unlike SpongeBob,” Catlett said in the video. perfectly imitating the character she played for several years. Commenters went wild, moved by how sweet the video was