An Ode to Taylor Swift's Really Excellent Hair Day

That smile sweetie. [CROSSTALK] Taylor to the front please. Taylor that smile straight in front of you please. Right here gorgeous. Hold that one. Here Taylor in the back row. [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] Taylor, all the way up. [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] To your left, Taylor. Taylor look right, over here. [INAUDIBLE]

Taylor Swift had a really good hair day. This is not breaking news, but when your hair looks this fabulous when you're simply grabbing some fish and chips at the local pub, it's worth noting.

Where was she while sporting her near-perfect locks? The singer took a break from her Reputation tour to visit her boyfriend Joe Alwyn in London. The two were spotted in the north party of the city exiting a pub called The Flask, where they reportedly indulged in some classic British fare along with a few pints of London Pride. Nothing like a good meal and brew in the middle of a Wednesday, you know?

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Much of her outfit is obscured, but we can see that she's kept it simple wearing a white and red striped tank top and a mini skirt. The real star of the show, like we mentioned earlier, was her hair. Swift wore her dark blonde hair down with a slight wave. She's currently sporting a thick fringe (as the Brits would say), which she styled to perfectly graze her eyebrows. Perfection.

To sum it all up: Taylor, your hair looks fabulous, girl.