An Ode to All of Dua Lipa's Fabulous Vacation Outfits

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Photo credit: @dualipa - Instagram
Photo credit: @dualipa - Instagram

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Dua Lipa has been on vacation for what seems like an eternity. It's like the "when will my husband return from war" meme, but swap out "husband" for Dua and swap out "war" for her perpetual jet-setting Instagram fashion show. I mean, she did release her critically-acclaimed album "Future Nostalgia" last year, dominated all her award show performances, and won a freaking Grammy, so after her busy couple of years, I am truly happy that she got some R & R.

It seems that for now she's back in London, but she went from Mexico City in July to her home country of Albania in August, then casually hit up Ibiza the same month, and who knows where else? (A true where-in-the-world-is-Carmen-Sandiego conundrum.) But what I do know is that every single one of her outfits HIT.

Us mere mortals can only aspire to reach the level of vacation fashion she was on. I mean, she *was* vacation fashion. There were trucker hats, cutout mini dresses, tiny crochet bikinis, crop tops, catsuits, lace-up high heels, knit bra tops, and fuzzy birthday hats.

I only wish I had some insight into how many suitcases she brought (Also, was her stylist Lorenzo Posocco with her? Does she get to keep all these looks? So many questions.) and had an exact rundown of her packing process. Ahh, yes, I can hear her say, this cow-printed backless dress and matching purse will get a lot of wear. Obviously.

Speaking for myself (but you can prob relate), I try to be efficient when packing for that out-of-office trip, mixing staples with other pieces that will fit the setting I'm in. But Dua does not do "staples" or "basics." And for that I deeply respect her. She does Vivienne Westwood bustiers and see-through knit sets; she does purple Attico heels and cutout onesies.

On her globe-trotting tour, she also wore some emerging designers like Marshall Columbia, Blobb by Sofia Elias, Mowalola, Andrea Adamo, Maximilian Davis, and Louisa Ballou. Supporting new talent while lounging on a boat in the Ionian sea? Now that's what I call multi-tasking.

Though her vacation seems to be over, you can be confident that the fashion hits will just keep coming. (Here's her most recent post for proof if you were ever in doubt.) If her well-deserved summer galavanting across Europe has done anything, it's inspired people everywhere to take some time off, bring the most over-the-top, impractical, fabulous clothes they own, be that person and just show the fuck out on social media.

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