NYXI Wizard Brings a Retro Look to the Nintendo Switch Controller

NYXI Gaming has launched a new controller reviving the look of the GameCube Wavebird. This controller, however, isn’t built for the GameCube of years past, but rather for today’s Nintendo Switch.

A nostalgic blast to the past, gamers can achieve the retro look of their first controller — with the GameCube having marked many players’ foray into gaming — while playing modern titles. The Wizard utilizes an ergonomic design adaptable to genres across Switch's offerings.

To best accommodate a player’s desired gameplay experience, the Wizard features replaceable joysticks, as well as turbo and mapping options.

Best of all, gamers will be spared from the unfortunate drift issues of the original GameCube Wavebird thanks to the Wizard’s integration of hall effect joysticks utilizing magnets that move relative to an electric conductor.

NYXI’s Wizard controller is available online and retails for $70 USD.

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