NY Giants Show Off This Summer's Hottest Swimsuits for Guys

NY Giants Show Off This Summer's Hottest Swimsuits for Guys

Swimsuit season is upon us!

And finding the right style can make a huge difference when it comes to how confident we are when we hit the beach or pool. (That goes for women and men alike!)

When Tan France, the style expert from Netflix's "Queer Eye" reboot, visited our show, he put the spotlight on men -- 3 men from the New York Giants, to be exact -- and gave us the lowdown on summer's hottest swimwear trends for them.

So, ladies, if you're tasked with finding your man the perfect swimsuit while you're shopping for your own (or you're in the market for a Father's Day present!), we've got you covered with options -- no matter his personality!


If your guy is a kid at heart and likes to have fun, opt for what Tan refers to as the "Flower Power" trend.

"I wanted to go for something that was bold [and] makes a statement," the "Queer Eye" fashion pro explains.

So, Tan dressed our first swimsuit model and Giants cornerback Curtis Riley in these floral Polo Ralph Lauren trunks.

And Curtis loved them!

To finish this look, Tan suggests pairing the trunks with waterproof leather slides.

(Rach says her hubby John would love the slides Curtis is wearing in the video above!)


If your man is a little more reserved, stick with stripes -- or what Tan calls the "Set Sail" trend.

"Stripes are the easiest print you can wear," he says. "They're super safe."

"If you're looking for a print, but you really feel nervous going for something bold," Tan continues, "go for a stripe."

He picked these St. John's Bay Stripe Swim Shorts for Giants player Kristjan Sokoli and added a playful touch with a straw bucket hat.


If the "Action Man" trend sounds like it's right up your guy's alley, Tan knows just the suit that'll, well, suit him!

"If you want to really push the boundaries [and] are feeling like you want to experiment more," Tan suggests to men, "go for a camo print."

The style expert went for these Zara Camouflage Swim Trunks for Giants cornerback B.W. Webb -- and not only did he go bold with the print, but also with the shorter length.

"If you're really wanting to show off those legs," Tan explains, "go for a shorter fit."

Now, if you're all for the boldness of the camo print and the shorter length of this pair, but still want a *little* coverage, Tan suggests wearing a rash guard.

As for shopping for different heights, Tan recommends looking for a 4-inch inseam if your guy is 5'9" and under and a 7-inch inseam if he's 5'10" and over.

But even if you opt for board shorts for your man (like the ones Kristjan sported), make sure they always land above the knee, Tan says.

"If [it's] below the knee, you're going to look shorter [and] bigger than you want to look," he stresses.

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