These Nowruz Traditions Banish Bad Luck & Welcome Prosperity

Michelle Tchea
·1 min read

The start of Spring is a time of celebration for all of us Northern Hemisphere-dwellers—no more cold weather, soups for dinner or bulky winter clothes. Hooray! But more importantly, for more than 300 million people around the world, March 20 marks the beginning of the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar. For Persians, Iranians, Uzbekistanis and diaspora communities around the world, Nowruz is a time to banish bad luck, rid one’s life of misfortunes and welcome prosperity, good fortune and health in the year ahead.

Nowruz, which translates to “New Day,” is a holiday that celebrates the arrival of spring and the first day of the year in Iran and other Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan, where the solar...

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