Now Hiring: Popular Avalanche Center Looking For Interns!

The Utah Avalanche center is shaking things up, offering internships that are cooler than a snow-capped mountain! Finally, a career opportunity that's more thrilling than a double backflip on a snowboard. Who needs a VP of marketing when you can save lives and snowboarders' precious behinds? Forget the corporate ladder; this is the real slope to success. Join the Avalanche team and experience the rush of predicting snow slides and keeping daredevils safe. It's time to trade your briefcase for a beacon and your PowerPoint presentations for powder piles. Strap on your adventure boots and grab this opportunity by the snowballs!

The Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) exists to keep people on top of The Greatest Snow On Earth® by providing avalanche forecasting, education, and awareness throughout the state of Utah.

The UAC was officially established in 1980 in collaboration with the US Forest Service (USFS). The nonprofit Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center was formed in 1990 to help bridge the gap between the available funding and actual expenses of operating an avalanche center alongside growing user demand and increasing need for education and awareness. This development protected the UAC from year-to-year fluctuations in USFS funding. Today, the nonprofit UAC is responsible for the majority of avalanche awareness and education in Utah, as well as funding and strategic management of the partnership with the USFS. Over three-fourths of the total program funding is raised through the nonprofit, with the remainder coming from federal, state, and county sources.

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