The November Total Lunar Eclipse Is Coming for Your Vote

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What Does November’s Total Lunar Eclipse Mean?Joseph Leombruno / Design Leah Romero

What happens when a full blood moon total lunar eclipse is due to arrive on the very same day as a scary-close midterm election that could direct the fate of women’s rights in America…and democracy as a whole? We’re going to find out on November 8, and TBH, most of us modern astrologers are biting our nails as we speak.

We realize this might sound hyperbolic, but here’s the thing: an eclipse is like a retrograde’s unruly cousin who gets dropped off for a two-week visit. By the time they leave, they’ve broken half your toys, got you grounded for their mischief, and gutted your feelings with teasing and insults. You wonder why you were ever excited to have them stay over in the first place.

But, like retrogrades, there’s no avoiding eclipses. They arrive in pairs, twice (or thrice) a year, creating a two-week cycle where the only thing constant is rapid, unexpected change.

As we prepare to cast our votes for local and federal seats next Tuesday, we are currently at the halfway point of a two-year eclipse series that’s been dusting the Taurus-Scorpio axis since Nov. 19, 2021 and will continue to Oct. 28, 2023. Taurus rules our tactile, body-based senses. Scorpio oversees reproduction. Given the current political climate, this is hardly a cosmic coincidence.

Buried secrets notoriously come to light during eclipse seasons. Like for example, a draft opinion signed by right-wing Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito suggesting that Roe v. Wade would be overturned. Said leak was published by Politico on May 2, 2022—smack in the middle of the April 30 Taurus solar eclipse and the May 16 Scorpio lunar eclipse. This then-shocking memo became an actual Supreme Court decision on June 24. And now it’s one of the most consequential issues of the November 8 ballot.

So what can we predict for this total lunar eclipse midterm election? The fact that this eclipse lands in grounded earth sign Taurus might bring a little order to the chaos. One might say this eclipse favors a moderate perspective, but is that actually a thing anymore? These neck-in-neck midterm races could be won by the tiniest margin.

Taurus is known for being traditional, ethics-bound and rule-focused—adjectives that were once reserved for folks on the right side of the aisle. But in the age of gaslighting election-deniers and gun-toting MAGA devotees menacing voters at the polls, they sound a lot more “left-leaning.”

Another November 8 curveball? Radical Uranus will be sitting at a close degree of Taurus to the eclipse, which is going to bring out some raging bull energy on Election Day. No matter which way the results land, we anticipate weeks of fallout, protests, and unrest.

No, nothing about this eclipse season resembles an easy victory or any type of smooth sailing on the political front. Eclipse cycles are profound periods for shadow work. It makes sense, right? We’re literally watching the earth’s shadow paint the full moon blood red during a lunar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the moon seems to block out the light of the sun. Metaphorically, these times are meant for peering into the darkness of our psyches and exhuming whatever’s hiding out in there.

From the moon’s purview, we have until the final Taurus lunar eclipse on Oct. 28, 2023 to sort this all out. In fact, this November 8 is a “midterm eclipse,” the precise halfway point of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series. But, like the election itself, it’s signaling a critical moment of action.

So, perhaps this is the moment to cue Taurus Lizzo piping away on James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute at the U.S. Library of Congress and later, onstage at Capitol One Arena in D.C. with a signature twerk. The layers and juxtapositions of this scenario contains multitudes, just like the current state of our union. It was the last thing anyone would have dreamed up—yet a next-level reclamation and a magical sight to behold.

While the pollsters predict a sway in either direction, we recommend keeping the faith—and taking action—until the very last vote is announced. If there’s one thing we can rely on eclipse season for, it’s for pulling at least a dozen rabbits out of a (star-spangled) hat.

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