This Nourishing Balm from Ranavat Will Save Your Skin Barrier

ranavat moodseed treatment
The New Skin Barrier Repair Treatment You Need RANAVAT

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Since its debut in 2017, RANAVAT has rolled out a crop of best-selling skincare and haircare products rooted in the philosophy of Ayurveda. Founder Michelle Ranavat’s talent for creating high performance products inspired by Ayurvedic beauty rituals is what landed the company a spot as the first Ayurvedic skincare brand to launch at Sephora.

Today the beauty brand is embarking on another first—a new bi-weekly skincare treatment centered around moonseed a.k.a the “root of immortality.” L'Immortale Empress - Restoring Moonseed Treatment is all about barrier repair and supports the idea of being proactive and intentional when addressing skin concerns to help minimize them in the future.

“Our skin experiences daily stress both environmental and individual,” Ranavat tells “Engaging in twice weekly repair can have a profound impact on skin health. The Ayurvedic philosophy of Vayasthapana speaks to this. The name is derived from the words vaja or vajas, both translating to 'age,' and sthāpana, translating to ‘maintaining’ or ‘preserving.’ The moonseed treatment is one of the only products available that contains this classification of ingredients.”

ranavat moodseed treatment

The rich purple-hued balm is packed with powerhouse ingredients. Of the over 30 Ayurvedic ingredients in the formulation, Ranavat adds that many are making their debut for the first time ever in the US.

Alongside moonseed which works to prevent oxidative damage, adaptogenic asparagus targets hyperpigmentation, helps with hormonal imbalances in the skin, and stimulates collagen production for an even-toned complexion while bala revitalizes dull skin and deeply nourishes to soothe redness and irritation.

In an ever-evolving skincare routine, this balm-to-serum is best left as the final step in your nighttime routine, and a little goes a long way. It’s as simple as warming a dime size amount between your fingers until it melts into a serum before gently pressing into the skin.

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The treatment was formulated to work together with other active ingredients, so you don't have to swap out any of your favorite bottles or jars. “In fact, the Moonseed treatment can provide the additional barrier support needed,” explains Ranavat.

She notes that after the first night you’ll notice calmer skin especially if you’re dealing with redness and irritation. The reduction in fine lines and wrinkles happens over time with continued use.

“Our Restoring Moonseed Treatment was inspired by the Ayurvedic formulation philosophy of not only treating existing concerns but also proactively combatting concerns prior to them having to be corrected,” she says. “This is a forward-thinking philosophy that we feel is the future of skincare.”

The Restoring Moonseed Treatment ($125) is available at and

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