Not ready to commit to a tiny house? Try a microstudio

Madison Raye Sutton is a New York City real estate agent who posts apartments from all over the city on her TikTok account . her “secret menu item” is microstudios. “I’m going to let you know how you can live in New York, when you don’t know anyone, on your own for $1,300,” Sutton starts out saying at the beginning of the TikTok. According to Sutton, a microstudio is a studio apartment with a bed and usually a sink, but you most likely share a bathroom and living room with someone else. Sutton introduces the Webster Apartments as an example, located in Midtown. “I paid $1,200 a month and that included two meals a day, as well as all of my utilities and Wifi, plus maid service,” Sutton explains in a follow-up TikTok. Sutton added that the shared bathrooms on each floor were cleaned four times a day and there were weekly communal events like yoga classes and movie nights. “How on earth did I go through my whole 4 apartments in 4 years nyc renting nightmare and never hear of this,” one commenter asked